11 novel MoneySaving tricks to get must-read Kindle books for FREE (or just 99p)

Amazon is heaving with Kindle books that are permanently free or 99p. Yet these cheap titles may not always match your virtual to-read pile. In fact, you often have to wade through a lot of very average books to find the good ones. And if you pay full-price for Kindle books and are devouring several a month while stuck indoors, the cost can soon stack up. 

How I built my own DIY pensions dashboard

What's the best way to work out if you'll have enough pension when you retire? Start by finding out what your retirement nest eggs are currently worth. It can be a challenge keeping track of the different pots of pension cash you accumulate over your working life, so here's how to use a simple spreadsheet to see at a glance how much pension you've built up so far.

We test eBay vs Facebook selling prices – which wins?

Second-hand selling used to be all about eBay, but now local Facebook selling groups and the social network's Marketplace are hot on its heels. With Facebook, the best bit is there are NO fees, so you keep all the profit. Yet with eBay, you've a wider audience, as most Facebook sales are local.

The MoneySavingIdiot tackles travel: 'I basically felt like a cross between Martin Lewis and Michael Palin'

If you missed my debut MoneySavingIdiot blog from last month (on claiming for a train delay), first of all – how dare you. Secondly, the basic premise is that while I help people save money every day by writing for MSE, I'm not always so clever when it comes to my own cash, so I'm sharing my quest to be better with it in the hope of inspiring other non-natural MoneySavers. This week: travel tips. 

Ryanair's app now measures luggage – but can it really help you obey its strict bag rules?

Budget airline Ryanair has launched a new 'bag sizer' tool on its iPhone/iPad app, which scans your hand luggage to check whether it fits within its strict measurements.

To 100 and beyond… now you can get a mortgage that lasts until you die

Have you imagined reaching the age of 100? Quite possibly. But could you imagine still paying off a mortgage worth tens or hundreds of thousands as a centenarian? Possibly not, though if it crosses your mind then seriously consider whether you should, as there are risks.