26 FREE (or very cheap) ways to create a magical summer for kids

The summer hols are nearly upon us, and millions need to entertain the kids. So we wanted to come up with ways to create some unforgettable summer magic for free (or very cheap), from writing to a celeb to 'painted rocks' treasure hunts.

13 Eurocamp and other holiday park tricks

Don't think muddy canvas, lumpy groundsheets and communal washrooms, these days European holiday park accommodation (such as Eurocamp's) is often well-equipped mobile homes with your own bathroom. What's more, these types of holidays can smash hotels on price.

How bubble wrap and a roll of Sellotape has saved me £100s on family holidays

Whenever my family and I go anywhere on holiday these days, as soon as we get to the airport and get out the car we have a bit of a kerbside ritual. My wife grabs a large roll of Sellotape, my six-year-old son and four-year-old daughter lay two giant sheets of bubble wrap down on the pavement, and we get to work. It sounds a bit Blue Peter – and gets us a few odd stares. But over the past few years it’s saved us £100s...

The Government must help mortgage prisoners now

"Being a mortgage prisoner has been hell to me, you worry about losing your home, you can't plan on starting a family and moving forward with your life. The whole experience affects your mental wellbeing and this has now got to stop." – MSE user.

How to bag kids' summer holiday sports clubs for £7.50 a day (or 1,500 Nectar points) – but you'll need to go quick

The summer break is looming, and if you want to get your kids doing something fun and productive, Sainsbury's runs holiday clubs for children aged 5-15 in 70 locations across England and Wales.