Silk, milk & misty honey – this week's MSE Forum highlights

There's nary a lull in the MSE Forum and this week's no exception, with gripes about clumsy puppies and husbands alongside pleas for tracking down a nostalgic chocolate bar. Here is your latest instalment of highlights.

Meet one of our Ambassadors

Simply put, we would not be able to keep the MSE Forum running smoothly without the assistance of our volunteer Ambassadors. They're experienced, knowledgeable members of the community, and each of them takes particular care of a select few boards. Before Ambassadors, we had Board Guides – a similar role in many ways.

This week, we'd like to introduce you to the lovely Glad, who focuses on Local MoneySaving: Wales, Small Biz MoneySaving, In My Home MoneySaving, Overseas Holidays & Travel Planning, UK Holidays, Days Out & Entertainments and Crafting.

Way back when MSE was only a few years old but starting to grow, Martin decided to have a few Board Guides. He used to regularly pop in on chat threads and talk with the regulars and also acted as 'Chief Board Guide' for a few years.

I've just worked out I started helping out in 2004!

I love doing this. I never explain to people exactly what it is that Ambassadors are able to do, but I tell them, "I help out" very proudly.

~ Glad

Photo of the week

There's an ongoing thread called Charity Shopping - New to You in '22! on the Old Style MoneySaving board, where savers show off their charity shop finds. MSE Forumite Pollycat scored this Liberty London 100% silk scarf in perfect condition for an applause-worthy £1.99. Liberty London's current range of silk scarves range in price between £90 and £330.

Please note: We love seeing your photos in the MSE Forum, but if you're uploading one, make sure it doesn't include any personally-identifiable information such as your face or address.

Money Moral Dilemma

Every week, the Money Tips email features a real-life Money Moral Dilemma (MMD for short). They're intended to encourage debate and, as such, they're usually among the most discussed threads each week.

Should we leave our friend out of rounds at the pub?

My mates and I regularly go to the pub for a catch-up, taking turns to buy rounds. One of our friends often 'conveniently' disappears to the toilet or goes for a smoke when it's his round. We've spoken to him about it, but nothing's changed. Should we start to leave him out of rounds - which could cause problems in the group - or ignore it, as we have been doing?

You can find out what our MSE Forumites think and add your own two cents on the Money Moral Dilemma discussion thread. Remember the MSE Forum rules: keep it kind and keep it clean. Remember, there's a real person behind every Money Moral Dilemma.

Got a Money Moral Dilemma of your own? Email us at and it could be featured.

Latest comping wins

One of the most frequented boards, Competitions Time, is where compers come to find and share competitions. There are countless success stories, but here is a picture of some of the most recent: a Garden Trading set won by Rupacomp and a Sebamedbaby bath time bundle won by redfox5.

Your two cents

Have you noticed the price of milk rising in your local store? Add your data to the ongoing thread, aptly named I was shocked when I went to the shops this morning for a bottle of milk.

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