Stethoscopes, stamps & stolen vans – this week's MSE Forum highlights

Are you well acquainted with the MSE Forum's new look now? If not, the latest highlights offer ample opportunity to wander around the boards.

Ask An Expert: Travel & holidays

The MSE Forum's fourth Ask An Expert event was themed around travel and holidays. Lots of you posted questions, and deals expert MSE Oli answered some of them on camera. Read on for holibobs-themed wisdom, including whether or not you should be buying branded sun lotion and waiting last-minute for flight deals.

Cruises, comedy & corner sofas – this week's MSE Forum highlights

Allow us to introduce you to the next chapter of the MSE Forum. We've changed up our look, including the addition of a slick new homepage. See what you think while checking out this week's MSE Forum highlights.

Berlin, bailiffs & bird baths – this week's MSE Forum highlights

The community is undergoing some changes and we can't wait for you to see them. Read more in our Forum new look post, then come right back here for your weekly helping of MSE Forum highlights.