The MoneySavingIdiot did an accidental direct debit audit – and got £300 back from his gym

Working at, obviously the purpose of my job is to help people save money. Unfortunately, I've always been bobbins at saving money for myself. But in an effort to change that, I've been trying out some of MSE's tips and tricks. Previously, I've covered the likes of train delaysoverseas travelcredit scoresfinding lost cash and depositing coins. Today: doing a direct debit audit (sort of).

The MoneySavingIdiot switches bank after 20 years – here are five things he learned

It's been a while, but I'm back with more tales of mending my MoneyWasting ways. If you're new to MoneySavingIdiot, here's how it works – as a writer at MoneySavingExpert I help people save money, yet I suck at practising what we preach. So I'm sharing my attempts to change that in the hope of encouraging other non-natural MoneySavers. Previously, I've tackled train delaysoverseas travelcredit scores and reclaiming cash from old emails. This week: switching bank.

You now have more protection against banks going bust – but they have till June to tell you about it

Money you’ve saved with providers that are part of the UK’s Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) is now protected up to £85,000 per institution – though banks and building societies don’t need to tell you about the updated figure till the end of June. Update: This blog was published last month, but the information in it is accurate...

The Government’s first-time buyer mortgage plan is flawed, says a first-time buyer

The Government has made a big song and dance about helping those with small deposits, particularly first time buyers, onto the housing ladder. However, in my opinion, its plans announced this week won’t work (see the Government unveils mortgage plan MSE News story). And I say this as part of the group it wants to help, as...