Charity shop bargain-hunting tricks

There's been a bumper crop of donations to charity shops this summer, thanks to people's lockdown clear-outs. Charities want you to take advantage, so we've rounded up our top tricks and tips to help you find the best items – including where to head for designer clobber, spotting sales and buying online.

Buying Tesco Free From products? Time it right and Tesco will donate 10p per item bought to the Natasha Allergy Research Foundation

In 2016, Natasha Ednan-Laperouse tragically died from a severe allergic reaction after eating inadequately-labelled food. It's the worst-case scenario any person with allergies could face, and a parent's worst nightmare. Natasha's parents set up a charity, Natasha Allergy Research Foundation (NARF), to help fund allergy research, and to bring positive change for people with food allergies.

Charity shops reopening: Six things you need to know, including how to donate & shop safely

Hands up if you've had a clear-out since lockdown began – or maybe I should say hands up if you haven't (it might be a smaller number). There's some good news if you're itching to drop off bags of unwanted items at your local charity shop, as most should be accepting donations again.

Supermarkets in the UK should be made to donate leftover food

Supermarkets in France have been banned from throwing out food approaching its best-before date, it’s been reported over the last week. But wouldn’t it be great if UK supermarkets were made to do this, too? The new rules also prevent supermarkets in France from deliberately spoiling products to stop people eating them out of the shop’s bins,...

Beat London Marathon charity fatigue

As I prepare myself for the start line of my fourth London Marathon this Sunday, I’m finally experiencing charity fatigue. I’ve asked all my friends and colleagues to donate money over the previous three runs. I’ve still largely got the same bunch of mates, so I feel guilty about asking them again. So I’ve come up with...