The MoneySavingIdiot reclaims £80 – by going through old emails

Right, some of you know the drill by now, but if you don't, here it is. While working at MoneySavingExpert means I help others save money, when it comes to my own cash, I'm usually in a muddle. But now I'm looking to unmuddle myself and, in the process, motivate fellow MoneySavingIdiots. Previously, I've covered train delaysoverseas travel and credit scores. This week: reclaiming cash (kind of).

‘I returned a used toilet brush’ – what’s the most extreme thing you’ve taken back to the shop?

“So I returned a toilet brush at the weekend,” said my friend as we were watching TV. “Because it broke after one use. I told them it wasn’t fit for purpose.” I don’t know who was more shocked – me, that she had returned a used (albeit clean) toilet brush and successfully argued her point, or her, that...