Coupon fairies – have you ever encountered one?

More versatile than the Easter bunny and more consistent than Santa, the coupon fairy is the everyday hero you've probably never heard of. If you've ever received a voucher from a stranger in the checkout queue, or found one tucked on a supermarket shelf beside the corresponding item, you've encountered a coupon fairy. Or maybe you're one yourself? If that's the case, we're about to lift the lid on your secret.

Is couponing kaput?

Couponing and in particular, extreme couponing, took the UK by storm in 2012-2013 and many of us have enjoyed years of free goodies and following the escapades of couponers like our Coupon Kid, Jordon – see how he got £105 of shopping for £1.62 as an example. Recently, although the availability of coupons ebbs and flows, we’ve seen the rise (and sometimes fall) of cashback websites begin to outstrip traditional coupons. So, is it just a blip or is couponing kaput?