MSE Forum Retrospective 2022

While it's the season for indulgence, we invite you to indulge in a little nostalgia – a fond backward glance at the last year in the MSE Forum. Reminisce over some of the top tier conversations of 2022 (and see if you can spot any of your own contributions). We hope you like collages, 'cause we've got four of 'em.

Heading away this summer? Don't fall foul of mobile charges

Just as football fever has kicked off around the world, it's also a whole year since we’ve been able to roam for ‘free’ in Europe (yes, we thought it had been longer, too). And while there's bargains to be grabbed to many popular destinations, if you're not careful, your mobile bill for visiting some surprisingly common holiday hotspots could set you back more than your trip.   

Three customer? You can get FREE cinema tickets, coffee, pizza and more via this free app

Free stuff. Unless it’s a cold or a bin bag full of half-eaten Jaffa Cakes, free stuff is awesome. And if you’re a Three customer, you can now use the mobile network’s new rewards app to get lots of it. The Wuntu app (‘Wun’, ‘tu’, Three, geddit?) is available for iOS and Android. It’s free to download,...

Beware paying more for Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Programme – it’s £100s cheaper to do it yourself

Despite the absence of a headphone jack and a lack of ‘new’ features – and the fact that you could fly to Australia for what it costs – I will be getting a shiny new iPhone 7 in a few weeks. I’ve upgraded to the latest model every two years since my first smartphone in 2010. Now of...

Why I won’t buy an iPhone 7… I could fly to Australia for that price

I used to get sucked into the Apple hype, often watching its iPhone announcements for personal as well as professional reasons, but I’m past that. Last night’s iPhone 7 launch was particularly underwhelming, and I’m perfectly happy with my fully functional and nippy iPhone 6. I’m not knocking Apple or the iPhone 7. I think its products...