The MoneySavingIdiot tackles travel: 'I basically felt like a cross between Martin Lewis and Michael Palin'

If you missed my debut MoneySavingIdiot blog from last month (on claiming for a train delay), first of all – how dare you. Secondly, the basic premise is that while I help people save money every day by writing for MSE, I'm not always so clever when it comes to my own cash, so I'm sharing my quest to be better with it in the hope of inspiring other non-natural MoneySavers. This week: travel tips. 

Avoid horrid €1 to £1 airport exchange rates

Buying currency from an airport is the MoneySaver’s equivalent of filling up a petrol car with diesel – it’ll seriously damage your financial engine. I somehow resisted the temptation to stop the poor souls queuing for cash at a jam-packed Luton Airport bureau on Saturday morning from throwing much of their hard-earned cash into the mitts of profiteering airport...