Tips to get paid for UK and foreign currency – including old notes and even coins

If the past couple of years involved less international travel and more home decluttering, then like me, you may have found a veritable treasure trove of random coins and notes from countries you're not sure you ever visited, or even still exist (and even if the country still does, the currency may not!). In this blog, I'll show you how I easily turned mine into spendable cash and how you can too.

The MoneySavingIdiot tackles travel: 'I basically felt like a cross between Martin Lewis and Michael Palin'

If you missed my debut MoneySavingIdiot blog from last month (on claiming for a train delay), first of all – how dare you. Secondly, the basic premise is that while I help people save money every day by writing for MSE, I'm not always so clever when it comes to my own cash, so I'm sharing my quest to be better with it in the hope of inspiring other non-natural MoneySavers. This week: travel tips. 

The worst ‘paying in pounds abroad’ rip-off I’ve seen – where £160 of cash costs £190

We’ve always warned against paying in pounds abroad, and on a trip to Greece last week I saw the worst example I’ve ever witnessed of the perils of doing so. With the peak summer-holiday period approaching and your pound getting you even fewer euros, dollars etc following the Brexit vote, there’s even more reason to heed this...

Should you buy euros/dollars before EU vote result? New trick solves this problem

Update, Tuesday 5 July: This trick still works but the Brexit vote led to many currency firms watering down the gain. The text below is as first published on 21 June so for the latest firm-by-firm info see our Travel Money Tips guide. The EU referendum’s on Thursday and we’ve been swamped with people asking: “Should I buy currency before then,...