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Cheap Theme Parks

This is an alphabetical list of theme park deals, discounts, vouchers and cheap tickets for UK theme parks.

General opening times and prices are given as a guide, but always check directly before you go. Where there are multiple prices, we’ve listed peak ones. You can often save money going during off-peak times and by booking online in advance.

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Large theme park suitable for all ages, including big rides for thrill-seekers, a lake, a Sea Life reef and slower-paced features for families.

Where: Alton, Staffordshire (map)
When: Mar - Oct
Gate price: £55 adult/£48 child
Online price: £33 adult/£27.50 child (buy 5 days ahead)
Website: Alton Towers

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Adventure theme park on Blackpool Beach, suitable for all ages, including big rides for thrill-seekers, arcades and plenty of family rides.

Where: Blackpool (map)
When: Feb - Nov
Gate price: £39 adult/£33 child
Online price: £20 adult/£18 child (buy 7 days ahead)
Website: Blackpool Pleasure Beach

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Large theme park with a zoo, a Sea Life centre and plenty of rides. Suitable for both families and thrill seekers. Free for children under three-years old.

Where: South west London (map)
When: Mar - Oct
Gate price: £50 adult/£46 child
Online price: £29 adult/£29 child (buy 5 days ahead)
Website: Chessington

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Construction-inspired theme park based in Durham, Kent, Devon and Yorkshire, especially suitable for younger children and digger enthusiasts!

Where: Various (map)
When: Feb - Oct
Gate price: £19.95 adult/£19.95 child
Online price: £16.99 adult/£16.99 child (buy 1 day ahead)
Website: Diggerland

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Large theme park suitable for all ages, including big rides for thrill-seekers, a zoo, the train-themed Thomas Land, and features for families.

Where: Tamworth, Staffordshire (map)
When: Mar - Oct
Gate price: £39 adult/£29 child
Online price: £25 adult/£20 child (buy 1 days ahead)
Website: Drayton Manor

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Animal-themed attraction suitable for all ages, with some big rides for thrill-seekers, as well as an exotic petting zoo and scenic rides.

Where: Malton, North Yorkshire (map)
When: Mar - Nov
Gate price: £40 adult/£40 child
Online price: £34 adult/£34 child (buy two days ahead)
Website: Flamingo Land

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Manchester attraction with rides, a 4-D cinema, and a lego factory tour.

Where: Manchester
When: All year
Gate price: £19.50 adult/£15.50 child
Online price: £15.50 adult/£11.50 child
Website: Legoland Discover Centre

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Lego-themed attraction with rides, shows and giant lego models, particularly suitable for families and younger children.

Where: Windsor (map)
When: Mar - Oct
Gate price: £60 adult/£60 child
Online price: £47 adult/£47 child (buy 7 days ahead)
Website: Legoland Windsor

Current deals include...

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Traditional theme park with big rides for thrill-seekers and slower-paced attractions for families and young children. Prices are based on height rather than age.

Where: Ripon, North Yorkshire (map)
When: Apr - Nov
Gate price: £24 over 1.3m/£16 for 1m-1.3m/£10 under 1m (buy 5 days ahead)
Online price: £20 over 1.3m/£12 for 1m-1.3m/£6 under 1m (buy 5 days ahead)
Website: Lightwater Valley

Current deals include...

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Safari park from the BBC's 'Animal Park', with a hedge maze and adventure castle. Suitable for families and animal lovers of all ages.

Where: Warminster, Wiltshire (map)
When: Feb - Oct
Gate price: £34.95 adult/£26.20 child
Online price: £29.70 adult/£22.27 child
Website: Longleat

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Large attraction with life-sized waxworks of celebrities, historical figures and more, suitable for all ages.

Where: London (also in Blackpool) (map)
When: All year
Gate price: £35 adult/£30 child (London)
Online price: £29 adult/£24 child (London)
Website: Madame Tussauds

Current deals include...

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Merlin Entertainment has attractions across the UK. These include Alton Towers, Madame Tussauds and Thorpe Park.

Where: Nationwide
When: All year round
Gate price: Varies
Online price: Varies
Website: Merlin

Current deals include...

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Family theme park in Wales with some larger rides, as well as quieter attractions, mini-golf, a bobsleigh run and a treetop rollercoaster.

Where: Narberth, Pembrokeshire (map)
When: Apr - Oct
Gate price: £24 adult/£16.50 child
Online price: £20.40 adult/£14.03 child
Website: Oakwood

Current deals include...

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Aquatic attraction with centres and sanctuaries across the UK. Good for all ages as well as those interested in marine life.

Where: Various
When: All year
Gate price: £26 adult/£21 child (London)
Online price: £20.40 adult/£16.30 child (London)
Website: Sea Life

Current deals include...

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Spooky historical attraction with venues in London, York, Blackpool and Edinburgh, good for thrill-seekers but not for the faint-hearted!

Where: Various (map)
When: All year
Gate price: £30 adult/£24 child (London)
Online price: £21 adult/£16.80 child (London)
Website: London Dungeon

Current deals include...

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The London Bridge Experience is a scary London attraction that takes you through the fire of London, how London Bridge was used to punish our criminals and more.

Where: Central London
When: All year
Gate price: £27.95 adult/£21.50 child
Online price: £19.95 adult/£16.50 child
Website: The London Bridge Experience

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Large theme park with attractions for all ages, including big rides for thrill-seekers and some slower-paced features for families.

Where: Chertsey, Surrey (map)
When: Mar - Nov
Gate price: From £49 adult/£44 child
Online price: From £30 (buy 5 days ahead)
Website: Thorpe Park

Current deals include...

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Large historical attraction set in a castle with extensive grounds, suitable for all ages, and particularly good for families.

Where: Warwick (map)
When: All year
Gate price: £19 adult/£17 child
Online price: From £13 adult/£13 child
Website: Warwick Castle Vouchers

Current deals include...

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