Get up to £35 cashback on a £50 supermarket spend – or a minimum of £5

When you sign up to Topcashback and order your online shop by Friday

The cost of the weekly grocery shop has been steadily rising, but this week there's a way to get £15 bonus cashback when doing an online shop at Asda, Tesco, Waitrose or other major supermarkets via a popular cashback site.

Some can even get as much as £35 back, as you'll get the normal rate of cashback on top of the bonus being offered until Friday. The biggest boosts are for Topcashback site newbies, but those who are already signed up can still save – I'll show you how it works below.

Topcashback newbies get £20 back on a £50+ supermarket shop

Until 11.59pm on Friday 24 February, sign up to Topcashback* via this link to get £15 just for joining, plus an additional £5 back on a £50+ online shop at Asda, Tesco, Morrisons, Iceland, Waitrose, Co-op or Ocado.

After signing up you should be automatically redirected to this Topcashback supermarket bonus* page where you can activate the £5 cashback, then click through to one of the six supermarkets and shop as normal (though be aware of exclusions).

Existing Topcashback user? You can still get at least £5 back on your supermarket shop

You can't get the £15 joining bonus, but visit this Topcashback* link and you can get the £5 cashback on a £50+ shop mentioned above as well as any cashback on the supermarket you choose. Make sure you activate the £5 supermarket cashback bonus first before you click through to your chosen retailer.

Cashback can never be guaranteed, so think of it as a bonus rather than a certainty. You'll also have to wait for the offer to track, and then wait for it to be paid, but if you were already planning on spending £50 at Asda, Tesco, Morrisons, Iceland, Waitrose, Co-op or Ocado this week it's definitely worth a look.

See our Top cashback sites guide for more information and safety tips for cashback.

  • Full Topcashback bonus cashback need-to-knows

    • The £5 cashback when you spend £50 or more offer is only valid on groceries, so items such as gift cards and clothes won't count towards the minimum spend. If your chosen supermarket doesn't do cashback for, eg, click and collect and you place a click and collect order you won't get the bonus.

    • Topcashback says your order can be delivered or collected after 11.59pm on Friday 24 February, but you'll need to have ordered it by then.

    • If you edit your order after submitting, it could cause problems with tracking and you might not get the bonus. If this happens, Topcashback says you can contact it to let it know it hasn't tracked and it should be able to add it manually but it's best not to edit your order to avoid this happening.

    • If you use a discount code or Clubcard vouchers for example, you won't get the cashback. Save them for another order if you can.

    • If you cancel your order you won't get any cashback.

    • If you order £50+ of shopping but several items aren't available when your shopping is delivered, or you go to collect it and the total drops below £50, Topcashback says it will honour the £5, but you'll need to contact it on the customer service page* (you'll need to be logged in) to let it know what happened.

    • See full T&Cs* for the £5 grocery cashback bonus, and full T&Cs* for the new customer £15 Topcashback bonus.

Plus, get an extra £15 back at Asda, £8 at Tesco and more

In addition to the bonus cashback above, Topcashback says you'll also get the normal rate of cashback it offers for each supermarket – meaning some can earn as much as £35 back in total.

The table below shows the normal rate of cashback available for each supermarket when clicking through via Topcashback – the amount depends on whether you're a new customer to that supermarket or not, and whether you choose click and collect or delivery. If you aren't wedded to one particular supermarket, you could choose one that gives a higher cashback amount.

Asda* £15 on a delivery or click & collect of £48+ £3 on a delivery or click & collect of £48+
Tesco* £8 on a click & collect order of £25+ N/A
Morrisons* £6 on a delivery of £40+ 3% on a delivery of £40+ (so, on a £50 order, you'd get £1.50)
Iceland* 6% on deliveries (so, on a £50 order, you'd get £3) 1% on deliveries (so on a £50 order, you'd get 50p)
Waitrose* - £9 on a click & collect order of £40+
- £2
on delivery orders up to £99.99
- £4 on delivery orders £100+

- £9 on a click & collect order of £40+
- £4 on delivery orders up to £99.99

- £6 on delivery orders £100+

Co-op* 2% on a click & collect or delivery order (so, on a £50 order, you'd get £1) 2% on a click & collect or delivery order (so, on a £50 order, you'd get £1)
Ocado* - 5% on delivery orders up to £79.99 (so, on a £50 order, you'd get £2.50)
- 9% on orders £80+ (so, on a £100 order, you'd get £9)
3% on a delivery (so, on a £50 order, you'd get £1.50)
Offers checked Tuesday 21 February. Click & collect/Delivery costs will vary depending on the supermarket and day/time of day you select

These scenarios will bag you the most cashback overall...

  • If you're new to both Topcashback AND Asda delivery or click and collect, you'll get the initial £15 Topcashback joining bonus, plus the £5 grocery bonus, as well as £15 for a click and collect or delivery order of £50+. That's a total of £35 cashback.

If you're NOT new to Topcashback, these are the top scenarios...

  • If you're a new OR an existing Waitrose click and collect customer, you'll get the £5 grocery bonus, as well as £9 for a click and collect order of £50+. That's a total of £14 cashback.

Max the savings by grabbing cashback on specific products via other popular cashback apps

If you really want to maximise your saving, check our round-up of Supermarket coupons for deals from cashback app Shopmium. It works differently to Topcashback as you upload your receipt or online order form into the Shopmium app to claim cashback on selected products you've bought. You can claim these offers as well as Topcashback's.

Similarly, cashback app Greenjinn has several high-value offers this week, however you'll need to forward your email receipt to their customer service email to get cashback from online shopping, and you'll need over £1.50 in cashback before you can request payment.

If you'd like to try and max this offer to get the full £50 free, see my blog Extreme cashback – can you get a £50 shop free? for examples of items you could choose to either fully max the offer, or get a little extra cashback.

Important: You won't get cashback from Topcashback if you use any codes for freebies or money off (including Clubcard vouchers, or any other coupons from supermarkets) that work via a code you input at checkout.

How does it compare to other new customer supermarket delivery codes?

We've compared this offer to other offers out there for new supermarket online shoppers, and it's pretty decent. However, there's a £15 off a £60 shop code at Sainsbury's or a £5 off £45 spend code at Iceland if you'd prefer not to use cashback, which isn't guaranteed.

Remember, deals like this aren't an excuse to overspend, but work best when you're using them to get discounts on what you'd buy already. Let us know on Twitter if you take advantage of this offer.