Can you get a £50 Asda shop for free? MSE Rhiannon's extreme cashback trick

How to stack deals from three cashback apps for a 'free' £50 shop

Until Friday, Topcashback is offering up to £35 cashback on a £50 Asda online spend. That's a big saving, but I wondered... is there a way to get the last £15 'free' as well, to give a totally free shop... or even get paid to shop?

Extreme couponing – where you use coupons to get big shops for free – might not be possible any more, but with £35 off a £50 Asda shop, I looked to see if you could use offers from popular grocery cashback apps Shopmium and Greenjinn to get that last £15-worth free. I crunched some numbers, and theoretically if you're new to Topcashback and Asda it is possible – though it won't be for everyone as there's extra effort involved. But if you fancy giving it a go, here's how...

See Get up to £35 cashback on a £50 supermarket spend for the full how-to for this part of the deal, but in short:

  • Until 11.59pm on Friday 24 February, new sign ups to Topcashback via this link* get a free £15 cashback.
  • You'll get an additional £5 cashback on a £50+ online supermarket shop by Friday when activating the offer.
  • Do a first-time online shop at Asda (delivery or click & collect) via Topcashback and get an extra £15 cashback.

If you're not a fan of online shopping, or you don't live near an Asda, check our Supermarket coupons round-up for offers you can use elsewhere.

Now you know how to get £35 cashback, here are the extra steps to max your saving even further. Checking offers for Asda at Greenjinn and Shopmium gave the below shopping list, though do bear in mind not every Asda store will stock every item. Even if you don't get the entire £50 shop free, getting close is still a big win!

Of course, cashback is never guaranteed, and you shouldn't order items if you or someone you know won't use them but there's a mixture of fruit, cereals, cake mix, and even a pizza so not too far off a 'normal' shop! See our Top cashback sites guide for more dos and don'ts of cashback.

Greenjinn Asda cashback offers

Item Full price Cashback
Fuel 10K Granola Chocolate Chunks, 400g £3 £1
Fuel 10K Granola Raisin & Almond, 400g £3 £1
Fuel 10K Granola Mocha, 400g £3 £1
VFC Chick*n Fillets, 190g £3 £1.50
Asda sweet & succulent juicing oranges, 10 £2.40 40p
Asda organic fairtrade bananas, 5 £1 15p

Total spend at Asda: £15.40. Total cashback from Greenjinn: £5.05

Shopmium Asda cashback offers

Item Full price Cashback
Guinness cold brew coffee, 4x440ml £5 £2.50
Dole peaches in juice, 4x113g £2.20
Dole mandarins in juice, 4x113g £2.20 50p
Dole pineapple in juice, 4x113g £2.20 50p
Dole fruit salad in juice, 4x113g £2.20 50p
Tilda coconut basmati rice, £2.50 £1 50p
Apetina paneer, 225g £2 £1
Creative Nature gluten free carrot cake mix, 268g £3 £1
Creative Nature gluten free banana bread mix, 250g £3 £1
Horlicks vegan, 400g £3.50 £1
Chicago Town crispy loaded cheese pizza, 439g £4 £1
Chicago Town crispy sausage 'n' pepperoni pizza, 431g £4 £1

Total spend at Asda: £34.30. Total cashback from Shopmium: £11

If you purchased the exact items in the above offers, you'd have spent £49.70, so you'd have to spend at least another 30p (for example a single loose lemon) to make it to the £50 minimum spend to trigger the £5 Topcashback supermarket bonus – but if all goes well you'd get £16.05 in cashback, meaning before delivery (from £1.50) or click and collect fees (from 50p), you'd actually get PAID £1.05 for £50-worth of groceries – nice!

What happens if items are out of stock?

Even though Topcashback says it'll honour the bonuses if anything is out of stock and your order is less than £50 if you message customer service telling it what happened – with these cashback apps you get nothing if you get a substitution, so if you're going to try this make sure you untick substitutions.

Is this shopping list realistic? 

It's probably best to think of the above list as an example of what you can do, and not what you should do – it's always best to buy food you actually like and eat rather than what's on offer that might end up going to waste. There are some items in the above list that you could donate to a food bank, or give away on food-sharing app Olio if you weren't going to use them.

Are you an extreme couponer? Would you try this extreme cashback offer? Let me know on Twitter.