How to get free pet food and treat coupons for cats or dogs

Supermarket coupons, cashback, plus save 10% off at Pets at Home

Pets aren't free, and usually react even worse than children when you try to downshift their dinner, so with the cost of living crisis showing no signs of letting up, is there any way to save money on your pets quickly and easily? I've found a few apps that could help, but it's worth noting most (not all) discounts are mainly for cats or dogs.

Shopmium – cashback app for use in most supermarkets

Shopmium is a popular cashback app with MoneySavers as you can often get big discounts or completely free products. To use the app, you'll need to buy a product, upload a photo of your receipt, and then scan the product barcode to receive cashback into your account. Shopmium automatically pays out into your nominated bank account so it's quite user-friendly.

It frequently features coupons for pet products (see below for those available now), so is worth a look for your furry friends.

Read more about Shopmium, how to use it, and nab a free £2 chocolate bar via our code (do NOT feed chocolate to your pets, it's for humans only!).

Supermarket codes and coupons

Sainsbury's sometimes has freebies such as dog chews available via online codes, but this is only for an online shop so you'd need to do a full shop online to take advantage of this. You can check the Sainsbury's website to see if there are any codes for pet food in future, as none are available right now.

Tesco has previously run online offers where you can get, for example, £4 off a £20 spend on selected pet products, so even though it's not running a similar offer right now it's worth looking out for in the future. Tesco also has an in-store magazine which frequently features coupons, and this month there is a pet coupon (see below).

We don't currently have any deals.

Pets at Home app – Money off coupons for use in Pets at Home in store or online only. Plus 10% off first order

Gone are the days where you'd pick up a magazine at Pets at Home for generic coupons, or even have bespoke coupons sent to your house. You'll need to sign up for a Pets at Home account, and then download the Pets at Home app to your smartphone to get coupons now.

When I tested the offer, I was given 10% off for signing up as an introductory offer, but I didn't get any coupons until the month after I'd shopped at Pets at Home, so you won't get coupons immediately. The coupons were relevant to my cat though, as well as generic enough (aside from one) that they aren't limited by brand - which helps as she can be picky!

The coupons I was given for this month (see below) include, for example, £1 off a single pack of cat food - which means I could either get a pack for 9p (normally £1.09) or totally FREE if I picked up a 69p can of cat food.

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