How to read books FREE with no library fees that you can enjoy for as long as you like

Don't go robbing WHSmith, there are better ways to get free books. Yes, you can go to your local library but unfortunately many have closed due to funding cuts, and if you forget to take the books back you could be hit with hefty late fees. Not very free! Locally-organised free book swapping stations known as 'Little Free Library' are becoming more popular due to their convenience, so here I'll tell you more about what it is, and how you can find one near you.

Kindle MoneySaving tricks, including save £30 buying refurbished, how to find FREE e-books & more

For many, Kindle e-readers are an everyday essential – or at least a summer holiday must-have – and if you’re thinking of buying one, we’ve tricks to cut the cost. Then once you've got a Kindle, or if you already own one, there are tips lower down to help you bag free Kindle books.

Tip: Don’t pay for Kindle books you can get for FREE!

If you trawl Amazon’s e-book store, you’ll find hundreds of out-of-copyright classics available completely free of charge as digital downloads… But wait a minute. There are usually paid-for (often identical) duplicates, and these might come up first in your search results. So, remember to look down the list and take a leaf out of MSE’s book – don’t pay for owt you...