How to bag a cheap, sustainable Christmas jumper... from only £3

Jumpers are for life, not just for Christmas, but most of us only wear our most garish festive get-up for one or two days a year, then feel pressure to buy a new one the following year. That's neither MoneySaving nor good for the planet, so what can we do about it? I have a few ideas...

Baileys taste test – which own-brand beat the original for taste?

With the 2021 supermarket battle of the Baileys heating up, here at MSE Towers we wanted to answer the ultimate question: "Are the cheapest Irish Cream alternatives just as good?" There was only one way to find out – a good old fashioned taste test.

£3 prosecco, £7ish champagne via Tesco online 'glitch' - but will it work for you? - EXPIRED

It's been two years since we last saw a decent prosecco or champagne deals stack (where you combine multiple offers to save the most money). Yet finally, there's a new trick in town just in time for Christmas party season - great if you’re stocking up. Though I can’t guarantee it’ll work for everyone…

Beauty advent calendars 2019 – incl £174 of No7 products for £42

Beauty advent calendars, though significantly pricier than their chocolate alternative, have in recent years proven increasingly popular. They often sell out early, so here's a round-up of some of the best I’ve seen, with the best discounts. 

Alternative turkey tips - Cheapest non-meat vegan and veggie options this Christmas

If, like me, you believe the joy of the holiday season should be for everyone - animals included - you might be leaving them off your plate this year. Or maybe you're cooking for someone else, and you have no idea what to get? Fear not, I've rounded up some of my favourites along with tips to get discounts that'll leave you feeling jolly.

Can you find super-cheap post-Christmas chocs? 29p Cadbury Santa, £7.50 Ferrero Rocher & more

Now Christmas is over, both supermarkets and other retailers are slashing prices and festive chocolates, sweets and biscuits are being sold off at a fraction of the price. When it’s gone, it’s gone though, so go quick if you want to stock up.

Up to £56 of make-up for less than £20, eg, No7, Max Factor & Essie.

As we come to ‘the most wonderful time of the year’, you might be thinking about presents and Christmas parties so make-up and gifts may well be on your mind. What if I told you that by maximising ‘gift with purchase’ offers you can bag as much as £56-worth of beauty products for less than £20? I’ve rounded...

Top 10 toys this Christmas and where to find ‘em cheapest

It’ll soon be the most wonderful (and expensive) time of the year. With Christmas just around the corner, finding the cheapest places to buy presents is a must… Hamleys has just released its list of 10 so-called ‘must-have’ toys for Christmas and, surprise, surprise, they aren’t cheap. Now, before I go any further, a quick reminder –...

Beauty advent calendars out now – incl £35 for £250ish of beauty products with £35 spend at M&S

Beauty advent calendars, though significantly pricier than their chocolate alternative, have in recent years proved increasingly popular. Some have already begun to sell out – so we’re starting to round up some of the best we’ve seen. Now, obviously they’re marketed as advent calendars but we prefer to view them as a means of grabbing beauty items you’d buy anyway...

Can you find cheap post-Xmas chocs? Eg, 49p Terry’s Chocolate Orange, £1 Cadbury selection box & more

Now Christmas has been and gone, the supermarkets and other retailers have been slashing prices on festive treats to clear the shelves… If you’re not giving up chocolate for New Year, it might be worth making a trip to your local supermarket to see what delicious treasures you can find. There are definitely bargains to be had (though...