Pay £1, get up to 50p off most Pret & Starbucks drinks EVERY time

Many of us regularly reach for a cup of coffee or tea to give us a caffeine boost, but if you’re out and about and can't bring a thermos from home, the cost of this can quickly mount up.

Get a 19p Pret coffee, 59p Costa croissant & more on Mon-Wed using a clever coffee shop deals stack

With lockdown easing in some places, many high streets reopening, and some returning to offices, coffee is on many people's mind. If you regularly buy a brew, then you'll know that over time the cost can really add up. With this clever deals stack, you can get your fix of caffeine for pennies throughout August, so you won't be left feeling like a mug.

Don’t spend a latte on coffee – where to find them for just £1

Like many busy adults, I can’t function without my morning caffeine fix. At least, it feels like that after the trauma of a rush-hour commute on the London Underground. But if you’re a daily coffee drinker who prefers to pick one up from a coffee shop rather than make your own every morning, you could be spending...

‘Free’ Starbucks Latte with £2.50 bag of coffee

If the daily grind is getting to you and you feel like you’ve got a latte problems and the price of takeaway coffee makes you say ‘What the Frapp?!’, then you need to give this free Starbucks latte deal a shot. (Sorry, I just love coffee puns.) After spotting hmgr’s thread in the MSE forum told us...