Pay £1, get up to 50p off most Costa, Pret & Starbucks drinks EVERY time

Many of us regularly reach for a cup of coffee or tea to give us a caffeine boost, but if you’re out and about the cost of this can quickly mount up.

Starbucks HACK to get 'unlimited' coffee for £1.30/day

Lots of us drink several cups of coffee every day and if you’re buying them on the high street, costs can quickly add up. So I’m going to share a simple hack, which should make things much cheaper and stop you feeling like a mug.

‘Free’ Starbucks Latte with £2.50 bag of coffee

If the daily grind is getting to you and you feel like you’ve got a latte problems and the price of takeaway coffee makes you say ‘What the Frapp?!’, then you need to give this free Starbucks latte deal a shot. (Sorry, I just love coffee puns.) After spotting hmgr’s thread in the MSE forum told us...