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MP renews call for cap on payday loan costs

3.5 million Britons expect to need a payday loan to make ends meet in the next six months, new figures have revealed

7 December 2011

Should you get cheap credit now, amid second credit crunch warning?

Borrowers who need a mortgage, credit card or loan have been urged to consider snapping it up now in case costs soar

6 December 2011

MPs' financial education in schools debate to happen next week

The news is a victory for as it's a direct result of our petition calling for compulsory money lessons

6 December 2011

Beware shopping gift vouchers during economic turmoil

If you buy a gift card or voucher, and a company goes bust, it could be worthless

6 December 2011

Halifax: House prices 'remain stable'

House prices have remained steady in 2011 despite the deteriorating economic climate, says Halifax

6 December 2011

HSBC to pay £40m for mis-selling to the elderly

HSBC subsidiary NHFA sold risky investments to those in their 80s who had little time to claw back losses before they died

5 December 2011

Revealed: The true extent of Tesco's 'Big Price Drop'

Tesco's 'Big Price Drop' resulted in modest falls in the cost of a typical shopping basket, figures show

5 December 2011

Hope of extra safety for Bank of Cyprus savers

Bank of Cyprus has announced its intention to incorporate to a UK company meaning savings could be protected by the FSCS

5 December 2011

Lloyds TSB's partial re-think over basic bank account cash access

Lloyds TSB basic bank account customers will soon have access to all ATMs within the Lloyds Banking Group

2 December 2011

'Lower tuition fees can cost students more'

Plans to reduce tuition fees at 24 universities could end up costing students more in the long run

2 December 2011

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