EDF, Npower and Scottish Power have refused to state whether they are likely to raise gas and electricity prices this year, following today's decision by Eon to freeze bills for the rest of 2012.

The trio, all part of the big six energy companies, gave nothing away when asked if they would match fellow energy giant Eon's commitment.

The UK's largest energy supplier, British Gas, warned last week it may have to raise household rates due to rising wholesale costs, which are the prices energy firms pay for power.

Scottish & Southern Energy (SSE) said last month it will freeze prices until at least October this year, a line it reiterated today.

Of course, both Eon's and SSE's commitments allow the pair to raise costs during the depths of winter in Eon's case, when gas and electricity usage is at its peak, and all of winter in SSE's case.

An EDF spokeswoman says: "EDF constantly keeps prices under review and is committed to offering its customers fair, simple and transparent tariffs."

An Npower spokesman says: "We can't commit to increasing or reducing bills."

A Scottish Power spokesman says: "We constantly monitor and review our position to ensure we offer best value and service to our customers."