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Northern Rock pays £270m to 150,000 after cock-up

Around 152,000 Northern Rock customers will get an average £1,775 compensation due to a paperwork error

11 December 2012

'Irresponsible' Asda pushes costly credit card cash for Christmas

Asda is encouraging credit card customers to use £5-a-go, plus interest, ATM withdrawals

11 December 2012

Moving to Australia: Is banking better Down Under?

We regularly moan about high charges and inefficient banking in the UK, but how does it compare to other countries?

11 December 2012

PPI mis-selling payments now over £7.5 billion

More than £7.5 billion has been paid out in total for PPI claims since January 2011, the latest FSA figures reveal

11 December 2012

O2 raises mobile prices for 7 million: what should I do?

O2 pay monthly mobile phone customers will be hit by price hikes from 28 February next year

11 December 2012

Unemployed to get free bus travel

More than 800,000 unemployed people are to get free bus travel in January to help them find jobs

10 December 2012

Eon to raise energy prices

The gas and electricity rise on 18 January will come just 18 days after a promise to freeze prices ends

10 December 2012

Bank staff still under sales pressure, despite mis-selling scandals

Mis-selling scandals have failed to stop banks pressurising staff into pushing products which may be unsuitable

7 December 2012

New watchdog to police peer-to-peer lending

Consumers should have better protection when using peer-to-peer lending firms over the next few years

7 December 2012

How mortgage overpayments this month can save £100s

Borrowers with mortgages where the interest is calculated once a year could save by overpaying in the next few weeks

7 December 2012

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