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Hurry to beat the train fare price hike

There's only a tiny window to beat the annual train and tube price fare hikes which could save you hundreds of pounds

31 December 2012

Halifax & Lloyds customers can't get cash on New Year's Eve

Reports from angry customers of debit cards being rejected and online banking down, on biggest party night of the year

31 December 2012

Financial advice shake-up: what will you pay?

A landmark shake-up takes effect today which will lead to most having to pay an upfront fee for investment advice

31 December 2012

Tesco offers lowest loan rate on record

The supermarket giant slashes its interest rate to just 5.2% APR, following on from new deals from its rivals

28 December 2012

Christmas presents arrived late? Know your refund rights

While you won't be able to make up for the disappointment, you may be able to get your money back or get compensation

27 December 2012

Beware financial adviser 'Ferrari' salesmen: Guest comment

A shake-up in financial advice begins next week aimed at protecting consumers but some advisers question if it'll work

27 December 2012

Hundreds of thousands in line for ATM refunds

Hundreds of thousands of consumers are in line for a refund of cash left at RBS and HSBC ATMs

24 December 2012

Drivers paid more for fuel in 2012

Petrol prices have dipped of late but drivers have still paid more to fill up during this year than last, says the AA

21 December 2012

Northern Rock falsely told borrowers they had legal protection

Customers who borrowed more than £25,000 were told their agreements were backed by law, when they weren't

21 December 2012

Insurance costs up for some as gender ruling takes effect

Insurers are now banned from using a customer's gender to decide the cost of their premiums

21 December 2012