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Charity warns of 'bailiff boom' after council tax benefit cuts

Citizens Advice says the number worried about paying council tax has 'rocketed' since Government reforms were introduced

24 May 2013

Summer holiday planning: Where will your pound go furthest? compares how far your pound will get you at popular holiday destinations

23 May 2013

EHIC confusion: a third wrongly think it replaces travel insurance

Many aren't sure what the EHIC covers, new research has found. But if you're holidaying in Europe, get one now

22 May 2013

Top ten supermarket price blunders

Supermarkets can come out with top-notch deals, but they sometimes get it spectacularly wrong which can cost you large

21 May 2013

Falling petrol prices pushed inflation down in April

RPI fell from 3.3% in March to 2.9% in April, the Office of National Statistics announced today

21 May 2013

Consumer Futures calls for Spark Energy probe

Consumer Futures has referred Spark Energy to Ofgem following large numbers of customer complaints

21 May 2013

Sky takes over O2 and Be broadband: What does this mean for customers?

Over half a million O2 and BE broadband and home phone customers are now Sky customers, we break down what this means

21 May 2013

Bank of Ireland makes partial U-turn on mortgage hikes

Around 1,200 Bank of Ireland mortgage customers with a base rate tracker will escape controversial rate hikes

21 May 2013

Halifax paying first-time buyer stamp duty: is its mortgage deal any good?

Halifax will cover the cost of stamp duty for some first time buyers as one of many top mortgage deals

20 May 2013

House asking prices reach new high

Average house asking prices have risen to £249,841 this month, property website Rightmove reports today

20 May 2013