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Winter fuel payments cut for those in hot countries

People living in hot countries will no longer be able to claim winter fuel payments from autumn 2015

26 June 2013

Government to host payday loans talks

Payday lenders, charities and Government ministers will be brought together next week to tackle the payday loan industry

25 June 2013

US travellers warned over Esta sites after Boris Johnson aide stung by £50 copycat

All visitors to the US must fill out an Electronic System for Travel Authorisation form, but the real cost is £9

24 June 2013

Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury's and Tesco to cut petrol prices

Supermarket giants Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury's and Tesco are to cut prices from Tuesday

24 June 2013

Petrol and diesel prices edge up

The price of petrol and diesel has edged up over the last month, with diesel drivers getting a worse deal

21 June 2013

Fewer tariffs demanded in energy bills reform: what it means for you

Energy firms will be forced to offer a maximum of four tariffs per fuel in a bid to simplify the market

21 June 2013

Dwell ceases trading Q&A: Your rights

Furniture chain Dwell has today ceased trading, with all 23 stores to close immediately and no customer orders delivered

20 June 2013

'Social life' payday loan text ads banned

Text messages promoting a payday lender are banned for suggesting loans are suitable for funding a social life

19 June 2013

Mobile roaming: New plans to cut cost of using phones in Europe

The European Commission plans to further cut charges for using your mobile around the continent

19 June 2013

TV licences: 400,000 say they don't need one, but do you know the law?

It's important you know when you need a licence or you risk a £1,000 fine or unnecessarily buying one

18 June 2013