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Rising air fares see inflation take off

A 22% rise in the cost of air travel led to a rise in inflation in May

18 June 2013

Co-operative Bank: Savers' cash safe as rescue plan revealed

The troubled Co-operative Bank unveils a rescue plan - but savers with cash in standard accounts shouldn't worry

17 June 2013

Energy-saving measures can boost your home's value, study says

Energy-saving improvements could increase your home's value by up to 38% in some parts of England, a study says

17 June 2013

EDF wants single prices for energy - but won't do it alone

EDF backs calls to introduce a single unit price for gas and electricity - but isn't going to introduce it on its own

15 June 2013

Driving licence warning: £1,000 fine, so check driving licence

Motorists face fines of up to £1,000 for out-of-date information on their driving licence – so check yours now

14 June 2013

Sky offers free broadband for sports subscribers

Sky hits back against rival BT's move to offer free TV sport with its broadband

14 June 2013

Sky TV prices set to rise in September

Sky posted on its website that TV prices 'may rise by up to 10%' on 1 September

13 June 2013

Npower price hike to hit 130,000 customers

Npower customers with its Energy Online January 2014 tariff face average price rises of 9.7% from 1 July

13 June 2013

Consumers set for stronger rights under new law

Consumers will get improved rights to a refund, repair or replacement when buying goods and services, under new plans

12 June 2013

Energy watchdog wants more competition for big six firms

Britain's big six energy companies will face fines unless they open up the electricity market, under Ofgem proposals

12 June 2013