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Been affected by the floods? See if your bank can help

Flood victims struggling with emergency costs and keeping up with mortgage payments may be able to get help

12 February 2014

Are you due an Aviva refund? Insurer correcting 'historical errors'

Hundreds of thousands of Aviva life insurance customers could be due a refund

12 February 2014

Love pound shops? Now they're moving online

If you like grabbing bargains in pound shops, you can now do it online as two new outlets have opened on the web

11 February 2014

Consumer Rights Bill will boost rights but it's too complex, Martin Lewis says

The draft Consumer Rights Bill doesn't address how consumers can enact their rights, Martin Lewis says

11 February 2014

40 million consumer gripes went unaddressed last year, Ombudsman says

If you've received an unsatisfactory service from a company, don't let your complaint go unaddressed

11 February 2014

Barclays investigating after customers' details 'were stolen and sold on'

Barclays are investigating after confidential files of 2,000 of its customers were allegedly stolen and sold on

10 February 2014

Water bills in England and Wales going up by 2%

Water bills in England and Wales will go up by 2% on average from 1 April, water companies have announced

10 February 2014

Energy Secretary wants gas profits to be investigated

Energy Secretary Ed Davey wants Ofgem to look into the profits the big six energy companies make on gas bills

10 February 2014

Energy prices still heading up despite Government action, experts say

Energy firms have promised to freeze prices after the Government cut green levies, but prices are set to rise long-term

6 February 2014

BT told to refund callers over unclear directory enquiry charges

Callers who've rung BT's 118500 directory enquiries number since September 2011 could be due a refund

5 February 2014