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Sainsbury's Energy relaunches – this time Npower is providing the fuel

Sainsbury's has today relaunched its energy offering, after partnering with big six firm Npower.

Sainsbury's Energy is currently offering just one tariff, the Sainsbury's Energy Fix and Reward v1 tariff, which also allows customers to collect Nectar points – though it's not worth switching just to get these.

Sainsbury's Energy operates under its own brand, but until recently it was actually a white label of British Gas – in other words, it was the same company but used a different name.

Today's announcement comes after 100,000s of former Sainsbury's Energy customers who joined the firm before 5 February 2019 were moved to British Gas

How good is the new Sainsbury's tariff?

Sainsbury's Energy's one-year fix costs £1,040/year based on typical use, and includes 100% renewable electricity. While this is around £210/yr cheaper than the average big six standard tariff, it's still £160/yr more expensive than the very cheapest on the market.

It is currently only available direct from Sainsbury's Energy, but always compare the tariff using our Cheap Energy Club to check it's the best deal for you. 

It's worth noting, Sainsbury's Energy says this tariff is for "new customers" and is excluding existing Npower customers from switching to it. 

How do the Nectar points work? 

Households which join Sainsbury's Energy will also be given 2,000 Nectar points for each fuel they switch to Sainsbury's Energy Fix and Reward v1, so up to 4,000 points in total.

Sainsbury's Energy dual-fuel customers will also receive two additional points for each pound spent in Sainsbury's stores (so three points per £1), up to a maximum of 7,000 extra points each year. Meanwhile, single-fuel customers will get one additional point on each pound spent (so two points per £1), up to a maximum of 3,500 extra points each year.

It's worth noting that 4,000 points are worth £20 if spent in Sainsbury's stores (or more if used on boosted offers), so it's not worth switching to this tariff just to collect points. Instead, use our Cheap Energy Club to check the best tariff for you.

What if I joined Sainsbury's Energy before 5 February?

If you joined Sainsbury's Energy before 5 February 2019, your account will have been moved to British Gas.

If you want to move back to Sainsbury's Energy, then you'll have to switch in the same way as someone who has never been a customer before, but make sure you use our Cheap Energy Club to check it's the best tariff for you.

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