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Martin's debt costs masterclass: Can't afford to clear your debt? Then you can't afford not to move it to up to 35mths at 0%, saving £1,000s

Debt is often depressing, dangerous and debilitating. When I used to do TV money makeovers, one of the first things I'd do was total someone's debt. Often it caused them at best a sharp intake of breath, and at worst tears.

However, while they felt things had just got worse, I explained actually things had just got better. Leave debt to fester and it rots - interest keeps accruing and things get worse. Stopping new borrowing and tackling it head on means you can reduce the cost and ultimately the debt.

So as it's January, we're in a cost of living crunch, and New Year debt bills are being received by millions, it's time for my annual interest-cutting masterclass. My aim's to show you how to save £100s or even £1,000s by reducing the interest you're paying.

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