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FSA to probe annuities market 'failure'

The financial regulator is launching a review into whether people buying an annuity are getting a

31 January 2013

Retirees face 'lowest incomes in six years'

Pensioners expect to have a typical annual income of £15,300, about £3,400 a year less than 2008 retirees

9 January 2013

Insurance costs up for some as gender ruling takes effect

Insurers are now banned from using a customer's gender to decide the cost of their premiums

21 December 2012

Young women and old men: buy now to beat insurance hikes?

The cost of young women's car insurance is likely to rise, while men could get less in retirement

9 October 2012

Young people 'confused by pensions'

Millions of young Britons are more likely to understand a foreign language than pensions jargon, a study suggests

9 August 2012

Over-75s' nest eggs 'shrinking'

The long-term retired are having to 'knock lumps' out of their nest eggs just to get by, a new report has found

11 July 2012

Pensions and savers hit as Bank prints more money

A further £50 billion was injected into the economy today as the UK struggles to pull out of its double-dip recession

5 July 2012

0.5% base rate may last another three years

Experts think rates will remain at 0.5% until the end of next year and possibly for as long as three more years

8 March 2012

'Beware annuity purchase delay', as retirement income drops

The cash pensioners get is falling. Bob Bullivant, from Annuity Direct, thinks matters could get worse

9 December 2011

Pension income could fall due to quantitative easing

Pensioners could soon get a reduced income when buying a retirement cash stream, experts warn

7 October 2011