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Cheque clearing to be cut to 'next working day' - and you may be able to pay in using your phone

You'll soon be able to clear a cheque by the next working day thanks to a new image-based system

30 October 2017

Cheque clearing time to be reduced to 'next weekday'

An image-based cheque clearing system will be introduced that will cut the time it takes for money to reach your account

22 March 2017

Paying cheques by photo set to come soon, Government confirms

You'll soon be able to pay a cheque into your bank simply by uploading a photo of it, under new Government measures

26 June 2014

Cheques set to become payable via smartphone photos

Government plans mean smartphone users will be able to pay cheques in by sending a photo to their bank

27 December 2013

NatWest and RBS cut overseas card charges, but they're still expensive

Holidaymakers using a Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) or NatWest debit card will pay lower fees overseas from June

28 March 2013

No cheque guarantee cards return

Cheque guarantee cards, which were abandoned in June, will not be re-introduced, says the Payments Council

21 December 2011

MPs call for return of cheque guarantee cards

MPs are keeping up the pressure for the return of cheque guarantee cards, which were abandoned in June by the Payments Council

16 November 2011

MPs call for cheque guarantee card return

An organisation which sets payment methods should consider reintroducing the cheque guarantee card, MPs said

24 August 2011

Cheques will NOT be axed after U-turn

The move, which ends the proposed abolition of cheques in 2018, has been met with joy by elderly charities

12 July 2011

Cheque guarantee cards to be abolished tomorrow

From 30 June these cards, used to guarantee cheque payments in shops, will no longer be accepted

29 June 2011