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Energy customer complaints soar

As the whole energy industry saw complaints rise, EDF was the most complained about firm over recent months, figures show

9 December 2011

Financial inclusion fears as Barclays ups basic bank account fees

Banks are making changes to basic accounts that could push more consumers out of the banking system, a lobby group says

8 December 2011

Ofgem outlines plans for simpler energy tariffs

Ofgem has today published proposals for simpler energy tariffs, in a bid to create a more competitive energy market

1 December 2011

Consumers "at risk" from £7bn scams

British consumers are being ripped off but official arrangements to protect them are 'incoherent and fragmented'

9 November 2011

Consumer groups urge action on energy prices at summit

Ahead of crunch talks on energy prices, consumer groups have called for decisive action to curb soaring costs

17 October 2011

OFT to investigate currency charges after 'super complaint'

A combination of complex charges and poor information means consumers are paying too much for foreign cash, Consumer Focus says

21 September 2011

Energy duo defy call to end doorstep sales

Eon and Scottish Power are pressing ahead with doorstep energy sales, despite rivals suspending the controversial practice

14 September 2011

OFT hits back against heating oil rogues

The OFT has taken action to prevent consumers being misled when searching online for heating oil supplies

9 September 2011

DVD to computer copying to be made legal

Millions of people already transfer files to a computer or MP3 device, wrongly assuming it is legal

3 August 2011

Advertised broadband speed claims are 'false'

Many consumers will be left frustrated as the difference in advertised and actual broadband speed has grown, says Ofcom

27 July 2011