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Ditch your standard mortgage for a five-year fix?

Millions of mortgage holders have been hit with a huge rise in repayments, while new deal costs are down

28 August 2012

Nationwide: Biggest house prices drop in three years

UK house prices are 13% below their 2007 peak, but this is still less than the falls seen in the United States and Spain

1 August 2012

HSBC launches lowest-ever five-year fixed mortgage

HSBC has launched a five-year fixed deal with a record low rate amid a time of economic uncertainty

13 July 2012

Interest-only mortgages could be 'thing of the past'

Interest-only mortgages could become harder to come by after Santander raised the minimum deposit required to take out the loans

9 February 2012

Risky lending targeted in tougher mortgage rules

A shake-up of the mortgage market was unveiled today by the FSA, aiming to prevent a return of irresponsible lending

19 December 2011

Guest Comment: Glimmer of hope for first time buyers

It is hard not to feel sorry for the current crop of beleaguered property-owning wannabes but help to get them a mortgage could be at hand

22 April 2011