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Largest inflation jump in two-and-a-half years

The Retail Prices Index measure of the rise in the cost of living rose to 3.2% in October from 2.6% in September

13 November 2012

Beat London's Tube and bus fare hikes

Bus and Tube fares will increase by an average 4.2% from 2 January next year - but it's possible to beat the hikes

9 November 2012

Benefits to rise 2.2% as inflation falls

Most benefits are pegged to September's CPI inflation measure, which was revealed at 2.2% this morning

16 October 2012

Government caps rail fares rise

Annual regulated rail fare rises in January 2013 and 2014 will not be as high as planned

8 October 2012

'No gain' from minimum wage rises

Low-paid workers will suffer a wage cut in real terms despite an increase from today in the national minimum wage

1 October 2012

Inflation fell in August despite fuel hikes

The retail prices index rate of inflation fell to 2.9% in August down from 3.2% in July, says the ONS

18 September 2012

Household incomes 'should rise in 2013'

Households will get an increase in real income next year for the first time since the credit crunch, research says

17 September 2012

Rail fares could rise by 11.2% as inflation figures revealed

Hard-hit rail commuters face further misery, as it's been revealed some season tickets could go up by 11.2% next year

14 August 2012

Inflation fell again in June

The retail price index measure of inflation fell to 2.8% in June, from 3.1% in May, says the ONS

17 July 2012

Fuel price cuts help inflation fall

The retail prices index rate of inflation fell to 3.1% in May compared to 3.5% in April, the ONS says

19 June 2012