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Petrol prices help push inflation up

Inflation rose last month due to rising prices at the fuel pumps and shallower discounting by fashion retailers

16 July 2013

Rising air fares see inflation take off

A 22% rise in the cost of air travel led to a rise in inflation in May

18 June 2013

Falling petrol prices pushed inflation down in April

RPI fell from 3.3% in March to 2.9% in April, the Office of National Statistics announced today

21 May 2013

Student loan rates may drop after inflation rises

Inflation rose to 3.3% last month but it means a number of students and graduates will be charged less interest on loans

16 April 2013

Falling food costs see inflation rate slip

Inflation fell to 3.2% last month, largely due to falling food prices, the Office of National Statistics says

19 March 2013

Dearer drinks send inflation up

RPI rose to 3.3% last month, largely due to rising alcohol prices, the Office of National Statistics announced today

12 February 2013

Inflation pushed up by rising fuel bills

The Retail Prices Index, which includes housing costs, rose to 3.1% in December, up from 3% in November

15 January 2013

RPI measure of inflation to remain

RPI, which is linked to retirement income and other investments, should remain unchanged says the national statistician

10 January 2013

Fuel and mortgages push inflation down

The retail prices index rate of inflation dropped in November, new ONS figures show

18 December 2012

Train fares could rise 9.2%... but some will FALL

Many commuters will be hit by inflation-busting rises, although some ticket prices will drop

28 November 2012