Homes, hornets & high heels – this week's MSE Forum highlights

Cheeky cocktails and surprise fungi – this week's MSE Forum highlights are as unpredictable as ever. We hope you'll get involved in the conversation.

Success of the week

It gladdened us to read of Blobboman's substantial train ticket saving in the Split ticket – official MSE discussion thread. Tricks like this can make a big difference, especially when combined with others across the month, so check MSE before you make any purchase.

I confess to being new to the Split Ticket concept, but I'm glad I found it on MSE.

I needed to buy five tickets from Birmingham to Southampton for this October. I waited for the 12 week lead-in so that the Advance Fares would be available. The cost for five adults was, and still is, £432. I then went to Train Tickets and put in exactly the same info. The cost, including their 10% for finding the deal, was £253. So a £180 saving.

Very pleased. Thanks for the info.

~ Blobboman

Not familiar with split ticketing yet? Learn how to split your tickets, not your journey, to save big on train travel.

Photo of the week

This crystal-clear shot of a hornet atop an Echinops flower comes courtesy of MSE Forumite Sapindus. Their post explains that hornets aren't usually aggressive towards humans, and that this particular specimen is one a European hornet, "about the size of a large queen wasp, but with a deeper buzz and a chestnut brown vibe to its colouration". For more wholesome flora and fauna knowledge, get yourself over to the Greenfingered MoneySaving board.

Please note: We love seeing your photos in the MSE Forum, but if you're uploading one, make sure it doesn't include any personally-identifiable information such as your face or address.

Money Moral Dilemma

Every week, the Money Tips email features a real-life Money Moral Dilemma (MMD for short). They're intended to encourage debate and, as such, they're usually among the most discussed threads each week.

Our son got a £20,000 payout for an accident - should we focus on saving for our other kids?

One of our sons was involved in an accident at nursery and got £20,000 compensation, which has been safely put away for his future. We're now wondering what to do about saving for him and his two brothers - should we continue to save an equal amount for all three of them, or concentrate on saving for his brothers since he already has a large amount put away?

You can find out what our MSE Forumites think and add your own two cents on the Money Moral Dilemma discussion thread. Remember the MSE Forum rules: keep it kind and keep it clean. Remember, there's a real person behind every Money Moral Dilemma.

Got a Money Moral Dilemma of your own? Email us at and it could be featured.

Latest comping wins

One of the most frequented boards, Competitions Time, is where compers come to find and share competitions. We see a steady stream of success stories; here are a couple of the most recent. AC55 won tickets to the rugby sevens at the Commonwealth Games.

It was a good week for AC55, who also won a £50 Public Desire voucher and used it on three pairs of glamorous heels.

Your two cents

Starting a college course, uni or any other sort of education this year? You might be interested in the Student MoneySaving board. You can find tips, tricks and student deals here. If your student days are behind you, that probably means you've got some wisdom of your own about MoneySaving while studying. Be sure to pass it on. 

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