Selfies, stamps & sandwich makers – this week's MSE Forum highlights

Like an industrious beehive, the MSE Forum runs on community spirit. Fly in for MoneySaving tips, support, light relief or a sympathetic ear. Below are a few of this week's highlights.

Sunscreen, spiders & golden pigs – this week's MSE Forum highlights

Step into the MSE Forum and benefit from the wisdom, support and humour of its MoneySaving members. We've compiled a few of this week's best bits.

Trick to get paid for old, defunct UK and foreign currency – including coins

Many of us haven't been travelling internationally as much in the past two years due to the pandemic, and instead we've been clearing out our houses. If, like me, you've found a veritable treasure trove full of random coins and notes from countries you're not sure you ever visited, or even still exist, this is the blog for you. I'll show you how I turned mine easily into spendable cash and how you can, too.

Cocktails, carpets & cold lunch meat – this week's MSE Forum highlights

It's thanks to a benevolent horde of tapping and swiping fingertips that the MSE Forum is the behemoth it is. MoneySaving community members get involved daily to provide support, posit ideas, share experiences and pose questions. Here are a few of this week's best bits.

Freebies, flasks & finger puppets – this week's MSE Forum highlights

Each week we publish a small selection of highlights from the MSE Forum. This week is a short one thanks to the bank holiday, so it's a slightly slimmer round-up than usual. Happy Easter weekend, folks.

Boots extends its 'Price Advantage' promo – but how good are the deals?

In January, Boots introduced a discount scheme for customers with its Advantage loyalty card, giving exclusive deals when shopping in store (similar to Tesco's 'Clubcard Prices'). It's now extended this 'Price Advantage' offer to online shoppers and says it's added 100+ more products to the promo – so I've crunched the numbers to see if the deals are actually any good.

Free or cheap Easter kids' activities

Easter is this Sunday (17 April), so we've rounded up some egg-citing free or cheap activities you can do with the kids, from baking and watching movies to taking a virtual trip to the farm and getting crafty.

Easter craft ideas from the MSE Forum

There's nothing like the approach of Easter to get a craftperson's fingers twitching. We asked the MSE Forum to share their MoneySaving DIY Easter inspo, and we were rewarded with pictures of homemade decorations, Creme egg 'warmers', pastel-coloured cakes and more.

Hippos, robots & comfort cake – this week's MSE Forum highlights

Picture tens of thousands of fingertips tapping away at keyboards and mobile phone screens, posing questions, doling out ideas and gifting words of support. Welcome to the MSE Forum. Here are a few of this week's highlights.

Tomatoes, teens & pregnant hens – this week's MSE Forum highlights

Thanks to inquisitive newbies and venerable regulars, the MSE Forum is a mighty hub for guidance, debate and humour at all hours of the day and night. Here are a few of this week's highlights.