Passports, petrol and guinea pigs – this week's MSE Forum highlights

Welcome to a new month and a fresh bevy of MSE Forum highlights.

'Typical' energy use has fallen – don't mistake it for significantly cheaper prices

Regulator Ofgem has changed its calculations on how much energy a 'typical' household uses. This means the headline annual costs for the new Price Cap from 1 October and other energy tariffs may seem a little cheaper than they have been recently. But don't be fooled, prices won't be falling as much as it may seem.

Romans, retirees & rent – this week's MSE Forum highlights

What's the buzz about nesting wasps, and where can one be enlightened about the Enlightenment? Find out in the latest MSE Forum highlights instalment.

Crochet, canal boats & concave soap – this week's MSE Forum highlights

It's a lean, keen, coral-and-teal machine, and we call it the MSE Forum. Here's this week's bevy of highlights.

12 ways to STOP wasting food and drink

Are you always throwing out food that’s gone off? In November it was claimed that new food labelling guidance could save shoppers £1 billion a year by prolonging the lifespan of food and stopping edible items being thrown out. That’s likely to be introduced later this year – but in the meantime we’ve 12 tips to help you stop throwing...

Goblets, gardens & girlfriends – this week's MSE Forum highlights

Like a fruit-picker toiling in Australia's Northern Territory, we've selected only the best MSE Forum highlights for your consumption.

29 Vinted buying and selling tips

With over eight million users in the UK, Vinted is a huge source of preloved bargains from just £1. It's also a great way to make extra cash by flogging your own wardrobe – especially as there are NO fees for sellers. What's more, shopping second-hand is good for the planet.

Lollies, laminate & leave – this week's MSE Forum highlights

Shade seekers: while the heat's up, take refuge indoors with a cold lemonade and a glance at the MSE Forum highlights.

70(ish) ways to 'DIY it' according to the MSE Forum

Fall down the rabbit hole that is the MSE Forum and you'll re-emerge with more ingenious MoneySaving tricks than you'll know what to do with. Our latest trip rewarded us with 70(ish) clever ways to 'DIY' it – in other words, to make or do things you'd usually pay for. Often this approach takes a little more effort than buying the goods or services, but it can be a satisfying way to save the pennies.

Foraging, fake stamps & foul smells – this week's MSE Forum highlights

As September gets underway, there's no let-up on the activity in the MSE Forum. Here are a few highlights.