How to get an easy pay rise... plus other tips to boost your pension for FREE

Pensions don't have to be boring, maybe we just need to think about them in a different way. In the more than 20 years I've been writing about pensions, I've heard them described as dull, complex and a rip-off. But what if I told you that having a workplace pension can amount to an easy pay rise? And that there are ways to boost your retirement nest-egg for free – without paying in more of your hard-earned cash?

Run out of bank switching rewards? Here's how to make cash from your bank account by referring friends

We've spent years shouting about the cash bribes offered by banks if you switch your current account to them. But if you've run out of banks to switch to, or you'd like to stick with your current provider, you could still be able to make money from your existing account – with a little help from your friends.

Is this the end of the regular saver?

Earlier this month, First Direct and HSBC cut their market-leading regular savings rates from 5% to 2.75% on new accounts, leaving M&S Bank as the sole 5% survivor. The cut means that, excluding M&S, the next best rate that's accessible to all is 3% from Virgin Money, much closer to rates offered on other types of savings accounts. So, are regular savers still worth saving in? We run the numbers to find out...

10 ways to turn unwanted clothes into cash

Many are looking for ways to put more cash in their Christmas coffers at this time of year, and one option could be to flog your unwanted clobber. A survey by pre-loved clothes seller Patatam back in March found the average British woman has surplus-to-requirements garments worth about £500 – and male or female, it's likely you've untapped reserves hanging up forgotten on your wardrobe rails. 

The MoneySavingIdiot cashed in his coin jars – guess how much he bagged

While I help people save money as part of my job at, I've never been much cop at doing the same for myself. So I'm writing about my efforts to improve in an attempt to motivate others who are far from experts when it comes to MoneySaving. Previously, I've covered train delaysoverseas travelcredit scoresfinding lost cash and switching bank. Today: depositing coins.

'I ran up £1,000s in debt while suffering from depression... now I'm digging myself out of it'

I usually write blogs as the 'MoneySavingIdiot', chronicling my attempts to practise what we preach at MSE (the last one was on switching bank accounts). But as this is a more personal blog, written ahead of World Mental Health Day 2019 on Thursday, I thought it would be better coming from MSE Kelvin. So, here's my tale of my own mental health struggles and how I've battled credit card debt...

Missed out on Glastonbury tickets? Here are four ways you can still go for FREE

Tickets for Glastonbury Festival 2020 went on sale last week and were snapped up within minutes. If you missed out, there are still a number of FREE ways to get to Glasto – though you'll usually have to fork out a deposit upfront (which you'll get back).

It's never too early for a thrifty, gifty Christmas!

As the MSE Forum Manager and semi-resident Old Style expert/fanatic of MSE, I am (in)famous across our office floor for being a human incarnation of a cornucopia of homemade cakes, cordials, preserves and sweets. Even Martin has fallen for the charms of my balsamic pecans, and my appearances in the office on a Monday morning usually gets a few greetings of "hey *cough* any… banana bread?"

Over and out – now the PPI deadline's passed, we're celebrating our Forumites' reclaim successes

Yes, we're STILL banging on about PPI reclaiming… sorry, not sorry.

My MoneySaving zero waste morning routine

This week, from Monday 2 to Friday 6 September it's Zero Waste Week. Previously, we've brought you 13 ways to use less plastic and save cash, so at MSE we're always thinking about whether we could in fact save money as well as the planet. First thing on Monday, I tried a completely zero-waste morning, and this is what I came up with.