Spend less or save more: how the MSE Forum can help you make or break a habit in 2022

The MSE Forum is a one-of-a-kind place, and a big part of what makes our community so special is the way MoneySavers encourage one another by joining challenges. These quests range from ways to meet your savings goals to ideas for setting budgets so that you can trim your spending.

How to BEAT school holiday travel price hikes

There's a collective 'GRRRRR' from parents about holiday price hikes when term ends – the cost of flights, hotels and package holidays always seems to rocket. Yet the law's plain. You can't take kids out of school for unauthorised vacations without being fined (see our Term-time holidays 60-second guide for the full lowdown).

My 13 lucky years at MoneySavingExpert.com are ending – a sneak peek inside MSE Towers for the highs, lows, laughs and when I sabotaged Martin Lewis's blog

Today is my final day as deputy editor of MoneySavingExpert.com, the biggest website dedicated to helping everyone save money and fight for financial justice in the UK.

How to save £667.95 in 2022 with the 1p Savings Challenge

The New Year's often a time many resolve to start regularly setting some cash aside – but it's not always easy to find a savings method that works for you.

MSE Forum Retrospective 2021

It's that time when we pick through the remnants of the chocolate selection box and gaze back wistfully on another year in the MSE Forum. Reminisce with us over the funniest, wisest and most popular discussions of 2021.

Homemade Christmas decorations

Have yourself a merry homemade Christmas and take inspiration from the DIY exploits of MSE HQ and friends. By making their own wreaths, baubles, cards and other decorations using foraged or recycled materials, these MoneySavers cut down on a little of the waste and a lot of the expense of Christmastime. (And it's fun too.)

Wrapping presents sustainably - how to reuse or recycle paper and fabric to save money and help the environment

It might be the most wonderful time of the year, but it can also end up being the most wasteful, too. Wrapping paper is one of the most expensive single-use Christmas products, but what if I told you there are ways you can forego this expense this year, saving you money and helping the planet, too? I've been using the same wrapping paper for six years (since I moved house), and bows from about 1980 and I've shared my tips so you can do the same!

The competition winners whose prizes went above and beyond

With millions of visitors each year, the most active board of the MSE Forum is Competitions Time. Here, regulars and newbies alike post free-to-enter competitions, chat about tactics and share their wins. We stumbled on a particularly heart-warming example of the latter – and you can read their story, along with two more, below.

50(ish) ways to 'DIY it' according to the MSE Forum

Fall down the rabbit hole that is the MSE Forum and you'll re-emerge with more ingenious MoneySaving tricks than you'll know what to do with. Our latest trip rewarded us with 50(ish) clever ways to 'DIY' it – in other words, to make or do things you'd usually pay for. Often this approach takes a little more effort than buying the goods or services, but it can be a satisfying way to save the pennies.

20 free (or very cheap) ways to sprinkle some Christmas magic

If ever there was a time when we needed to spread some Christmas cheer, it's now. Many are feeling the pressure to spend in the run-up after a tough couple of years – and this is especially true for those with kids. But there are tons of ways to sprinkle a little Christmas magic for free (or very cheaply).