Free or cheap half-term kids' activities

Many schools are off from the end of this week for half-term, and if things seem a little strange, it's not just because Halloween falls next week too. Even if you're not comfortable going out and about during half-term, there's still plenty of fun to be had at home for Halloween.

How to make fake blood: A last-minute Halloween make-up trick (or treat)

Ahhhh – not sorted your Halloween costume yet? Here's a quick tip on how to make fake blood using three ingredients you may already have in the kitchen cupboard.

Halloween MoneySaving and the scary spider that kept coming back

Parents, do you loathe having to spend money on a costume for your kids for an event that happens just once a year? On a costume they’ll probably have grown out of by the next year? I love my girls to bits but I really begrudge spending the money shops and supermarkets try to convince us to...