50+ beauty dupes for big brands including Elemis, Charlotte Tilbury, and Fenty

At MSE, we’ve challenged you to ‘downshift’ your grocery shop for years (check our Downshifting Guide), but you can also save on make-up and beauty products by downshifting from brands to much cheaper ‘dupes’ – lookalike products, where often even the packaging is similar to the expensive brand.

Can you downshift your sun cream? £5 Nivea vs £3 Aldi, £18 La Roche Posay vs £8 Ambre Solaire & more

Downshifting is practically in our DNA at MSE, so naturally we want to avoid damaging said DNA by blocking harmful UV rays with sun cream... but it can be expensive. So I set out to find whether downshifting sun cream is possible, and asked skin experts about safety.

Shampoo & Shower Gel Downshift Challenge – Is it worth ditching brands for cheaper ‘dupes’?

When buying shampoo, you can always find deals that'll bring down the cost - but often you can save a lot more by switching to 'dupes', which are cheap products deliberately designed to look the same, smell the same and work as well as a more expensive brand. Only if you're willing to try them...

Save up to 80% on Valentine's Day cards and presents by swapping shop

As The Beatles sang, money can't buy me love... but it can buy Valentine's Day cards and presents if that's your thing. Yet even if you've chosen to give gifts or cards this year, why pay more than you have to? Will you dare to 'downshift' your Valentine, or do you think that idea sounds s-cupid?

Cheap Easter veg offers - incl 1kg of carrots from 9p

If you've got lots of Easter bunnies to feed, you'll need to stock up on vegetables as well as chocolate. S'wede better tell you how to get the best deals...

Want a beach body? Get 75% off your fitness gear

Sun’s out, guns out! If you’re inclined to hit the pavement or treadmill this summer, don’t waste your cash on gear that’s £60+ elsewhere. You can get similar items for a quarter of the price, including trainers, running jackets, trousers and more. At this time of year I get a spring in my step (spring does that!)....