50+ beauty dupes for big brands including Huda Beauty, Benefit & Urban Decay

50+ beauty dupes for big brands including Huda Beauty, Benefit & Urban Decay

Eg, £5 Boots 17 eyeshadow vs £28 Huda Beauty, £3 lip oil vs £28 Charlotte Tilbury

At MSE, we’ve challenged you to ‘downshift’ your grocery shop for years (check our Downshifting Guide), but you can also save on make-up and beauty products by downshifting from brands to much cheaper ‘dupes’ – lookalike products, where often even the packaging is similar to the expensive brand.

I’ve looked into just how 'cheap and cheerful' these cheaper versions are, including a host of brand new products out this month. Though I must stress this is purely a price comparison and I’ve not tried them all myself, though as you’ll see below, many beauty bloggers and MSE users like them. Nevertheless, as they’re affordable, you could always try them and if you like them, great. If not, you’ve not lost much.

The key things you need to know about beauty dupes

  • Many are widely praised by beauty bloggers and MSE Forumites for being just as good, if not better than, their pricier counterparts. Since first publishing this guide in 2018, we've seen many positive comments including these...

I’ve been using Liz Earle’s hot cloth cleanser & really can’t see a difference to Aldi! Lacura’s moisturisers are just as good as Clarins also... I can buy the whole range I need from Aldi & still have money left over!

– Justine W.

The Lottie London collection is influenced by current Instagram trends and includes a number of Anastasia Beverly Hills and Kylie Cosmetics dupes without the designer price tags. When comparing it to the other palettes in my collection it definitely outperforms bigger brands.

– Lifestyle blogger Roxie Watt

  • Whilst duplicates might have very similar ingredients and properties they most likely won't be exactly the same – always read the packaging and check ingredients if you have any allergies or skin concerns. The exact formulation of most beauty products are a closely-guarded secret.

  • All these products are sold by reputable retailers – such as Boots and Superdrug – so they're quality-checked and aren't like something you might buy at a car boot sale. The British Skin Foundation told us all cosmetic products are subject to the same stringent tests, so just because a product is cheap, doesn’t mean it’s less effective or unsafe for the skin.
  • You might not get the same amount – having looked at the sizes of products at other stores while some products do give you more, in most cases the beauty dupe is either the same size or a smaller size than the big brand. However, even if you were to buy multiples to get the same amount, you would almost always spend significantly less.

I've picked out some of the most highly-rated beauty dupes I’ve heard about at Aldi, Boots, Lottie London, Superdrug, and Wilko, along with how much you can save if you take the Beauty Downshift Challenge. While you can usually find dupes at other retailers throughout the year, these are the biggies. Only make a switch if you’re happy to try something cheaper to see if you can achieve the same results.

Check our cheap beauty & make-up deals for more offers. If you're interested in shampoo, conditioner, or shower gel dupes, see the shampoo & shower gel downshift challenge guide for more info on what you could try.


If you still prefer the big brand, it might be worth waiting for discount events such as Black Friday, Boxing Day and January sales, or department store discount days before you stock up.

New. Brand-new beauty dupes available at Aldi, Lottie London, and Wilko

Here's a comparison of what’s available in stores or online now, dependent on stock, and how much extra you’d pay for the similar big-name near-equivalent. I've noted below where products have been confirmed as cruelty-free and/or vegan – where I've not indicated either way, it doesn't necessarily mean they aren't, I’ve just not had confirmation.

Unsurprisingly, new Aldi dupes are the ones that sell out the fastest online (though you'll hopefully still find some of them in stores), which perhaps shows how many people out there have caught the bug for downshifting.

Aldi dupes - including £3 lip oil vs £28 Charlotte Tilbury, 89% saving

Aldi has a host of beauty dupes on its shelves – look out for its own-brand ‘Lacura’ on everything from day cream and concealer to a ‘Liz Earle-alike’ hot cloth cleanser. Stock varies between stores and can sell out really fast, especially online, so go quick.

I've highlighted some of my top picks from Aldi's beauty range below:

Aldi product

Similar branded product

New Lacura collagen lip oil, 8ml* - £2.99 (cruelty-free) Charlotte Tilbury magic lip oil, 8ml - £28 at Charlotte Tilbury
New Lacura Take Cover concealer, 10ml* - £3.99 (cruelty-free, other shades available, check in stores) Tarte Shape Tape, 10ml - £27 at Tarte (vegan & cruelty-free)
New Lacura vitamin C concealer, 6.3ml* - £3.99 (cruelty-free, already sold out online, check in stores) Clinique 'Even Better' all-over concealer + eraser, 6ml - £21.60 at Boots
New Lacura hydrating tinted moisturiser, 35ml* - £4.99 (cruelty-free, already sold out online, check in stores) Hourglass Illusion hyaluronic skin tint, 30ml - £55 at Selfridges
New Lacura CC serum in 'Peach', 30ml* - £4.99 (cruelty-free, already sold out online, check in stores) By Terry CC serum in 'Apricot' Glow, 30ml - £61 at Cult Beauty 
It's back Lacura jelly cleanser, 150ml* - £3.99 Drunk Elephant jelly cleanser, 150ml - £27 at Cult Beauty
It's back Lacura Original hot cloth cleanser, 200ml* - £3.99 (vegan & cruelty-free) Liz Earle 'Cleanse & Polish' hot cloth cleanser, 200ml - £28.50 at Lookfantastic
It's back Lacura Radiant concealer, 5ml* - £3.99 (cruelty-free, other shades available, check in stores) Nars Radiant creamy concealer, 6ml - £21.25 at Boots
It's back Lacura Vitamin C tonic, 250ml* - £3.49 (cruelty-free & vegan) Pixi vitamin C tonic, 250ml - £18 at Boots (cruelty-free & vegan)
It's back Lacura Rose toner 250ml* - £2.99 (cruelty-free & vegan) Pixi rose tonic, 250ml - £18 at Boots (cruelty-free & vegan)
It's back Lacura Retinol toner, 250ml* (cruelty-free & vegan) - £2.99 Pixi retinol tonic, 250ml - £18 at Boots (cruelty-free & vegan)
It's back Lacura Snapshot ready primer, 30ml* (cruelty-free) - £5.99 Smashbox Photo Finish primer, 30ml - £29.50 at Smashbox
Lacura Salicylic acid tonic, 250ml* (cruelty-free & vegan) - £3.49 Nip+Fab Salicylic Acid Toner, 100ml - £10.95 from Nip+Fab
Lacura glycolic toner, 250ml* (cruelty-free & vegan) - £2.99 Pixi glow tonic, 250ml - £18 at Boots (cruelty-free & vegan)
Lacura acacia collagen tonic, 250ml* (cruelty-free & vegan) - £3.49 Pixi collagen tonic, 250ml - £18 at Lookfantastic
Lacura 'Too legit' waterproof mascara, 14g* - £5.99 Benefit 'They're Real' mascara, 8.5g - £20.37 at Lookfantastic
Lacura 'Too Legit' mascara, 14g* (cruelty-free) - £4.49  Benefit 'They're Real' mascara, 8.5g - £20.37 at Lookfantastic
Lacura caviar day cream, 50ml* - £6.99 La Prairie skin caviar luxe cream, 50ml - £329.25 at Allbeauty
Lacura Rejuvelate SPF30 day cream, 50ml* (cruelty-free) - £3.49 L'Oreal Paris Revitalift SPF30 day cream, 50ml - £6.49 at Superdrug

Lacura pink clay mask, 50ml* - £5.99

Sand & Sky pink clay porefining face mask, 60g - £36.90 at Sand & Sky

Aldi collagen lip oil (left) for £3 vs Charlotte Tilbury magic lip oil (right) for £28?

Aldi's duplication of big brands even goes so far as to mimic the appearance of the packaging. Reviews on Aldi's site are mostly positive, though it seems some reviewers didn't get on with the face creams. From the feedback we've seen, if you're a Charlotte Tilbury, Benefit, or Pixi fan – or you enjoy caviar-based skin care – it might be worth checking out Aldi's alternatives as you could save up to 97% by downshifting to Lacura.

Aldi also has a £6.99 line of 100ml perfumes that look and smell suspiciously like Jo Malone fragrances – which are also usually much pricier, at £90 for 100ml. Unfortunately, a lot of Aldi’s beauty dupes aren’t available year-round as they’re labelled ‘Special Buys’, so you may need to keep your eyes peeled each time you shop there.

Boots dupes - including £5 Boots 17 eyeshadow palette vs similar £28 Huda Beauty, 82% saving

You've probably heard about the relaunch of the Boots 17 range, previously discontinued in 2018, but did you know about its dupes for big brands?

They're not the only dupes available either, with the Boots No7 dupe for Charlotte Tilbury's powder widely shared on TikTok, we've collated the ones we've seen below. So if you're a MAC, Glow, Huda, or Benefit fan and shopping for a dupe, it's worth checking out your local Boots store.

Product at Boots

Similar branded product

17 Eyeshadow Palette in 'Green', 7.2g* - £5 (cruelty-free & vegan) Huda Beauty Emerald Obsessions palette, 9.9g - £28 at The Face Method
17 The Brow + Lash Lamination mascara in 'Clear', 10ml* - £2.50 (cruelty-free & vegan) Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel in 'Clear', 7.93g - £23 at Boots
17 Eye Pigment Quick Stick, 5g* - £4 (cruelty-free & vegan) Laura Mercier Caviar Stick eye colour, 2g - £20.80 at Space NK
17 Precise Definition tinted brow gel, 5ml* - £4.50 (cruelty-free & vegan) Glossier Boy Brow gel, 3.12g - £14 at Glossier (cruelty-free)
No7 Airbrush Away finishing powder, 10g* - £13.95 (cruelty-free) Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless finish powder, 8g - £35 at Feel unique (cruelty-free)
Glow Essence serum, 28ml* - £4 (cruelty-free & vegan, currently out of stock online) Glossier Super Glow serum, 30ml - £24 at Glossier (cruelty-free)
Glow Pineapple serum, 30ml* - £4 (cruelty-free & vegan) Glow Pineapple-C bright serum, 30ml - £46 at Cult Beauty (cruelty-free & vegan)
Sleek MakeUP cream contour kit, 12g* - £10.99 Anastasia Beverly Hills contour cream kit, 27g - £42 at Boots

Sleek MakeUP brow kit, 3.8g* - £8.49 (vegan & cruelty-free)

Benefit 'Brow Zings', 2.65g+1.7g - £27 at Benefit
Sleek MakeUP Copperplate highlighting palette, 9g* - £9.99 Huda Beauty 3D Highlighting Palette in 'Bronze Sands', 30g - £43 at Bare Face

Boots 17 eyeshadow palette in 'Green at £5 (left) vs Huda Beauty 'Emerald Obsessions' palette (right) at £28?

Lottie London dupes - including £9 highlighter vs £31 Fenty, 71% saving

We featured several Lottie London bundles, and MoneySavers are big fans of the small price tag as well as the striking similarity to big brands. You'll also be able to order many of the products online, either direct from Lottie London*, or via other beauty websites such as Lookfantastic* or Feel Unique*.

We've blagged a deal on a set of dupes from Lottie that'd normally cost over £100. To get the bundle, go to Lottie London* and use the code MEGA to get the set for £29 delivered instead of £137. There are 2,100 bundles available and the offer will end at 11.59pm on Tuesday 27 September, or when all bundles have gone. According to our calculations, the products would normally cost £125 if you bought them all separately. See our full write-up for more details.

Lottie London product

Similar branded product

New Lottie X Gossip Girl lip kit set, 3.5g - £7.95 at Lottie London* (cruelty-free & vegan) Dior Lip glow - £30 at Dior, and Glossier ultra lip, 3g - £14 at Glossier
New Lottie X My Little Pony Sweet Lips lip mask and balm, 9g - £6.95 at Lottie London* (cruelty-free & vegan) Laneige lip sleeping mask, 20g - £19 at Lookfantastic
New Lottie X My Little Pony gel eyeliner in 'Pastel Blue', 0.28g - £5.95 at Lottie London*  (cruelty-free & vegan) Gucci eyeliner in 'Celeste' (pastel blue) - £24 at Gucci
Lottie X Gossip Girl sweet blush, 12ml - £6.95 at Lottie London* (cruelty-free & vegan) Ciaté dewy blush, 10ml - £15.50 at Ciaté
Freckle tint, 3ml - £6.95 at Lottie London* (cruelty-free & vegan) Freck faux freckle, 3.15ml - £22.50 at Beauty Bay (cruelty-free & vegan)
Diamond Bounce highlighter, 8g - £8.95 at Lottie London* (cruelty-free & vegan) Fenty Diamond Bomb highlighter, 8g - £26.35 at Boots
Eye Foil liquid eyeshadow, 5.5g - £4.95 at Lottie London* (cruelty-free & vegan) Stila Glitter & Glow liquid eyeshadow, 5ml - £18.40 at Lookfantastic (cruelty-free)
Ready Set Go translucent loose setting powder, 15g - £5.45 at Feel Unique* (cruelty-free & vegan) Laura Mercier translucent loose setting powder, 29g - £34 at Space NK
Dewy & illuminating setting spray, 80ml - £8.95 at Lottie London* (cruelty-free & vegan) Iconic Prep-set-glow setting spray, 120ml - £17.60 at Lookfantastic (cruelty-free & vegan)
Arch Rival Microblade eyebrow pen, 0.7ml - £4.95 at Lookfantastic* (cruelty-free & vegan) Ciate Microblade eyebrow pen, 0.7ml - £14 at Asos (cruelty-free & vegan)
Sweet Lips overnight lip mask & balm, 9g - £6.95 at Lottie London* (cruelty-free & vegan) Laneige lip sleeping mask, 20g - £19 at Lookfantastic
Glitter Switch lip gloss, 3ml - £5.95 at Lookfantastic* (cruelty-free & vegan) Ciaté Glitter Flip lipstick, 3ml - £17 at Lookfantastic (cruelty-free & vegan)
Slay All Day metallic liquid lipstick, 6ml - £5.95 at Lookfantastic* (cruelty-free & vegan) Kylie Cosmetics metal lip kit, 3g (with liner, 1g) - £14ish at Kylie Cosmetics
Slay All Day liquid matte lipstick, 6ml - £5.95 at Lottie London* (cruelty-free & vegan) Kylie Cosmetics matte lip kit (with 1g liner below) - £24 at Boots
Slay All Day lip liner, 9g - £6.95 at Lookfantastic* (cruelty-free & vegan) Kylie Cosmetics matte lip kit (with 3g lipstick above) - £24 at Boots
All About That Base foundation stick, 9g - £7.95 at Lottie London* (cruelty-free)  Anastasia Beverly Hills stick foundation, 9g - £26 at Cult Beauty (cruelty-free & vegan)
Lottie London eyeshadow palette in 'The Rusts', 7.2g - £4.95 at Lottie London* (cruelty-free) Huda Beauty Obsessions eyeshadow palette in 'Topaz', 10g - £29 at Bare Face
AM to PM eyeliner pencil, 2.59g - £3.95 at Feel Unique* (cruelty-free & vegan) Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner, 1.2g - £16 at Lookfantastic
Shimmer Squad highlighter palette in 'Holographic Haul', 16.8g - £6.20 at Perfume Click (cruelty-free & vegan) Anastasia Beverly Hills Moonchild Glow Kit, 4.2g - £36.85 at Beauty Bay (cruelty-free & vegan)
Rainbow highlighter in 'Mermaid Glow', 9g - £5.95 at Beauty Expert (cruelty-free & vegan) Ciaté highlighter in 'Mermaid Glow', 9g - £26 at Ciaté (cruelty-free & vegan)

Lottie London 'Diamond Bounce' (left) for £9 vs Fenty 'Diamond Bomb' for £31?

From Fenty, to Anastasia Beverly Hills, Ciaté and more, Lottie London's got an alternative for under a tenner. With the range being affordable already, discounted bundles are always snapped up – proving popular with MoneySavers. If you aren't signed up to our MSE weekly email, join for free so you don't miss the next time we feature a Lottie London set.

Personally, I really like that a lot of Lottie London products are vegan, and they're all cruelty-free. I've used the Shimmer Squad highlighter in 'Holographic Haul' (norm £8ish), and even though some people say they don't think the colours are as strong as the branded Anastasia Beverly Hills alternative (norm £41), at 81% cheaper I can say I certainly felt shimmery enough.

It's always worth checking there's not a sale on the branded version, for example, a sale previously made the Ciaté rainbow highlighter cheaper than the Lottie London dupe, so be sure to check your favs before buying.

Superdrug dupes - including £8 hot cloth cleanser vs similar £28 Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser, 71% saving

I’ve taken a look at feedback online, and tried a few of these products myself, and these are some of the best dupes I’ve come across at Superdrug. Its own products often match or exceed the cruelty-free and/or vegan status of the expensive brands they appear to be emulating.

Product at Superdrug Similar branded product
Superdrug 'Naturally Radiant' hot cloth cleanser, 150ml - £7.99 (vegan & cruelty-free) Liz Earle 'Cleanse & Polish' hot cloth cleanser, 200ml - £27.62 at Boots
ELF 16 hour 'Camo' concealer, 6ml - £6 Tarte Shape Tape, 10ml - £27 at Tarte (vegan & cruelty-free)
ELF Mineral face primer, 14ml - £9 (vegan & cruelty-free) Smashbox photo-finish primer, 30ml - £29.50 at Smashbox (vegan & cruelty-free)
Revolution brow pomade cream, 2.5g - £5.99 (vegan & cruelty-free) Anastasia Beverly Hills 'Dipbrow' brow pomade, 4g - £16.10 at Beauty Bay (vegan & cruelty-free)
Revolution Shimmer Bomb lip gloss in 'Starlight', 4.5ml - £5 (cruelty-free) Fenty 'Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer' in 'Sweet Mouth', 9ml - £18 at Boots
Revolution Conceal & Define concealer, 3.4ml - £4.99 (vegan & cruelty-free) Tarte Shape Tape, 10ml - £27 at Tarte (vegan & cruelty-free)

Superdrug 'Naturally Radiant' hot cloth cleanser for £7.99 vs Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser for £28?

Superdrug's own beauty dupes can often be subbed for other vegan and cruelty-free products, like the Smashbox photo-finish primer and ELF mineral face primer. All Superdrug B's products are vegan and cruelty-free, and all Superdrug-branded items are labelled as being suitable for vegans or vegetarians. 

Some dupes are hard to compare if they're vegan and/or cruelty free and the alternative isn't, but there are a lot, like Superdrug, that now label what is and isn't suitable.

Wilko dupes - including £3.30 mascara vs similar £22 IT Cosmetics mascara, 85% saving

You're probably not thinking of popping to Wilko for beauty dupes, but hear me out. MoneySavers have found dupes for Glossier, Charlotte Tilbury and more for bargain prices – well worth a quick look if you're passing a store. In fact, the Essence Lash Princess mascara is such a popular dupe that people think Aldi* has made a £2.79 dupe of the dupe.

Product at Wilko Similar branded product
Essence Lash Princess false lash effect mascara, 12ml* - £3.30 (vegan & cruelty-free) IT Cosmetics Superhero Mascara, 9ml - £22 at Lookfantastic
New Essence Soft Touch Mousse foundation, 16g* - £3.80 (vegan & cruelty-free) Maybelline Dream Matte mousse foundation, 17ml - £7.99 at Feel Unique
New Essence Camouflage concealer, 5g* - £2.80 (vegan & cruelty-free) Tarte Shape Tape, 10ml - £24 at Tarte (vegan & cruelty-free)
New Essence Stay 8h matte liquid lipstick, 3ml in  '02 Duck Face'* - £3 Huda Beauty liquid matte liquid lipstick in 'Bombshell' - £15.30 at Boots (vegan)
New Essence Stay All Day 16h foundation, 30ml* - £3.80 (vegan & cruelty-free) Tarte 'Amazonian Clay' 16-hour full coverage foundation, 50ml - £36 at Tarte (vegan) or Smashbox 'Studio Skin' 15-hour foundation - £15.50 at Smashbox (until end of Sep, normally £31)
Essence Stay 8h waterproof lipliner, 0.28g* - £1.80 (vegan & cruelty-free) Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat lip liner, 1.2g - £17 at Charlotte Tilbury
Essence Make Me Brow eyebrow gel, 3.8g* - £2.50 (vegan & cruelty-free) Glossier Boy Brow eyebrow gel, 3.12g - £14 at Glossier (cruelty-free)

As I needed some more foundation and was passing a Wilko, I decided to pick up the Essence Stay All Day 16h foundation, and I found the colour 10 'Soft Beige' to be a colour match for the Smashbox Studio Skin 15 hour wear hydrating foundation in 1.15 'Fair Light', which is what I normally use.

They're both vegan & cruelty-free, as well as oil-free and promise long-lasting wear, so at £3.80 instead of £31 (I always got it on a deal, of course!) I picked it up. I tested it out, using the same primer I'd usually use, and I was shocked that I found it just as good as the big brand, and you get the same amount in the bottle, saving 88%. With the news that Smashbox doesn't intend to continue selling in the UK, and that the Essence range is going completely vegan and cruelty-free it's something I'd probably pick up again.

Would you give up your favourite brand and downshift to a dupe? What are your favourite beauty dupes? Let us know on Twitter.