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Nationwide blunder reveals email addresses

Nationwide customers should watch out for spam messages, after email addresses were revealed in its monthly newsletter

25 February 2013

Dodgy credit firms face OFT crackdown

Unscrupulous credit firms can now have their licenses taken away immediately, under new OFT powers

22 February 2013

Half of consumers 'don't trust their energy firm'

Some 50% do not trust gas and electricity suppliers, and 45% trusted them less than two years ago

22 February 2013

Most motorists beat the cowboys to win parking ticket appeals

55% of private parking appeals made to Popla since last October were upheld in favour of the motorist

21 February 2013

British Airways: We'll cut hand luggage only fares

British Airways says it plans to eventually include all short-haul flights from Gatwick in the hand luggage-only scheme

20 February 2013

Energy prices set to keep rising, Ofgem warns

Ofgem has warned of higher energy prices as power plants close, foreign gas supplies shrink and demand increases

19 February 2013

'My 6yr-old spent £3,200 playing iPhone game' – how to stop it

See our tips to limit spending on Apple's iPhone and iPad, and on Android devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy

19 February 2013

Lloyds fined £4.3 million over PPI delays

Lloyds Banking Group has been fined £4.3m for delays in paying out mis-sold PPI to more than 140,000 victims

19 February 2013

PPI reclaiming bill now tops £8.4 billion

£360 million was paid out to victims of PPI mis-selling last December, taking the total to £8.4 billion, the FSA says

18 February 2013

Water bills to be added to credit reports

Paying water bills on time could help you get a credit card or mortgage, as Yorkshire Water accounts will be tracked

18 February 2013