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Mobile roaming charges could be axed across Europe

The cost of making phone calls across Europe could soon be slashed under European Commission proposals

12 September 2013

Could mid-term phone price hikes be banned?

Regulator Ofcom will launch a consultation into how to protect consumers from unexpected price rises

18 October 2012

The death of the landline?

Most under-60s now rarely use their home line or don't have one, according to a poll of over 20,000 MSE users

20 September 2012

Phone firms' price cut 'will help consumers'

Prices could fall after the regulator said it would cap the price BT can charge rivals to rent its lines

7 March 2012

Landline to mobile call costs could fall

Home phone users could be able to call mobiles for less following a ruling made this week on charges

16 February 2012

BT to end paperless billing discount

BT is quietly removing the discount given to those who opt for online billing only, as part of a round of price hikes

14 November 2011

TalkTalk announces price hikes

TalkTalk is hiking its line rental from October, as well as upping some call charges, it has announced today

2 September 2011

BT to hike landline costs

The hikes, which take effect on 3 December, will be the third set of rises BT will have implemented in 14 months

30 August 2011

Escape BT contracts & beat price hikes

Millions of BT customers will be hit by price rises in December, but there's a loophole to escape contracts for a cheaper deal, penalty-free

30 August 2011

Ofcom finds TalkTalk guilty of mis-selling

TalkTalk has a month to change its practices after breaking Ofcom rules for selling landline deals

24 May 2011