Cruises, comedy & corner sofas – this week's MSE Forum highlights

Allow us to introduce you to the next chapter of the MSE Forum. We've changed up our look, including the addition of a slick new homepage. See what you think while checking out this week's MSE Forum highlights.

Heading abroad? Watch out for hefty fines (or worse) for peeing in the sea, wearing flip-flops or feeding pigeons

You've booked your trip, packed your bags and learned a bit of the lingo... but have you checked up on any local laws or customs that might catch you out on your holiday? While some may seem strange based on the culture here, they may of course be perfectly sensible based on cultures elsewhere – though we're not sure what to make of compulsory 'budgie smugglers' in some swimming pools in France.

Berlin, bailiffs & bird baths – this week's MSE Forum highlights

The community is undergoing some changes and we can't wait for you to see them. Read more in our Forum new look post, then come right back here for your weekly helping of MSE Forum highlights.

Decorating, demystifying pensions and DAB radios – this week's MSE Forum highlights

With interest rates in the news, threads about mortgages and savings have been some of the busiest on the MSE Forum this week. 

Weddings, woodworm & wills – this week's MSE Forum highlights

Hotting up outside isn't it? This instalment of MSE Forum highlights is best taken with a pint of iced water and a top-setting fan breeze.

Roses, Ring doorbells & rude letters – this week's MSE Forum highlights

The conversation machine that is the MSE Forum continues to whir its well-oiled cogs, delivering another batch of highlights.

Wildflowers, whisky & wind turbines – this week's MSE Forum highlights

On this, the 22nd week of the year, we were treated to a bumper crop of MSE Forum highlights.

MoneySaving homemade pet toy ideas

Pet owners know the risks of spending money on a new toy: much like toddlers, our pets are often more interested in the packaging than the gift. The MSE Forum, wise to this phenomenon, have been sharing the free, cheap and homemade playthings their animals favour.

Mine shafts, magistrates & men's shampoo – this week's MSE Forum highlights

With Ofgem's announcement that the Energy Price Cap will drop, the Energy board was abuzz, but even that didn't detract from this week's many other MSE Forum highlights.