£20 off running shoes when you recycle your old ones

At 58 Runners Need stores until 17 May

If you're a runner, you probably fall into one of two camps  the 'shoes stack' camp, where you rack up multiple pairs, or the 'run in the same shoes until they disintegrate' camp. Either way, you'll be pleased to know you can trade in your stinky sneakers for £20 off a brand new pair. Not only will you save money, but your old shoes won't end up in landfill.

If you take your old trainers to one of Runners Need's 58 participating stores (find your nearest, excludes Northern Ireland stores) by Wednesday 17 May, you can trade them for a voucher for £20 off a full-price brand new pair. You can't use the voucher on sale items, or with the Vitality member discount – see full T&Cs.

You can trade in any old pair of trainers, regardless of size or brand. Runners Need might not stock the cheapest running shoes, but if you already have a more expensive brand or specialist pair in mind, this might be a good way to nab a discount.

Important: Previously, you could use your voucher online or at a later date, however this year Runners Need says you must use it immediately upon recycling your shoes.

Your old shoes will be sent away to be reused if they're in good enough condition, or recycled if they're beyond hope (or just smell really bad!).

Runners Need has had a recycling scheme since 2016, and after Wednesday 17 May, you can still take your shoes to one of its stores to be recycled, but you won't receive a voucher.

With these tips, you'll be close to becoming the best eco-friendly runner you can be, so why not get down to Parkrun, a free, weekly 5K run, and put your new trainers to good use?

Or perhaps the only way you can get any more eco-friendly is to go 'plogging', where you go for a run with a recycling sack and pick up rubbish to take home and put in your own recycling bin. Just remember to wear gloves!

Can I recycle any other sports kit?

If you have any overused (read: destroyed) running clothes, such as leggings you've fallen down in, or an old and overstretched sports bra, consider taking a bag full to H&M as it collects clothes to be recycled and it offers a financial incentive – for full info, see How to get £5 off a £25 spend at H&M. Alternatively, check if your local charity shop collects clothing to sell as rags and donate it in a labelled bag.

Are you an eco-friendly runner? Will you be recycling your old shoes? Let us know on Twitter.