Trick to get £56 of No7 beauty for £10 in Boots stores

Here's a trick to pay just £10 for £56-worth of Boots No7 beauty, by cleverly stacking a '£10 off' in-store coupon with a 'free gift' you receive for buying two or more No7 products.

Beauty advent calendars 2019 – incl £174 of No7 products for £42

Beauty advent calendars, though significantly pricier than their chocolate alternative, have in recent years proven increasingly popular. They often sell out early, so here's a round-up of some of the best I’ve seen, with the best discounts. 

Boots trick... Get £80+ of beauty products for £20

Until Wed 11 Sep, Boots* has a deal where if you buy £20 of selected beauty products in store or online, you get a free 'Beauty Edit' box with contents worth £37 individually.

£85 of No7 beauty for £30 in 'Beauty Vault' set

It was popular last year, and this week it's back - with an even greater amount of No7 beauty products inside, and you can get your hands on it from Wednesday 17th July online and in Boots stores...

Beauty Downshift Challenge – Is it worth ditching brands for cheaper ‘dupes’?

At MSE, we’ve challenged you to ‘downshift’ your grocery shop for years (check our Downshifting Guide), but you can also save on make-up and beauty products by downshifting from brands to much cheaper ‘dupes’ – lookalike products, where often even the packaging is similar to the expensive brand.

Follow the yellow stick(er) road – reductions in places you might not expect

Seasoned MoneySavers will know all about yellow sticker reductions – where supermarkets reduce short-dated food at the end of the day – and the times their local supermarket starts slashing prices… but did you know you can grab clearance foods outside the ‘big-four’ supermarkets? We’ve looked at this before, and it’s clear there are big bargains to be...

Up to £56 of make-up for less than £20, eg, No7, Max Factor & Essie.

As we come to ‘the most wonderful time of the year’, you might be thinking about presents and Christmas parties so make-up and gifts may well be on your mind. What if I told you that by maximising ‘gift with purchase’ offers you can bag as much as £56-worth of beauty products for less than £20? I’ve rounded...

Beauty advent calendars out now – incl £35 for £250ish of beauty products with £35 spend at M&S

Beauty advent calendars, though significantly pricier than their chocolate alternative, have in recent years proved increasingly popular. Some have already begun to sell out – so we’re starting to round up some of the best we’ve seen. Now, obviously they’re marketed as advent calendars but we prefer to view them as a means of grabbing beauty items you’d buy anyway...

Trick to get £150ish of No7 beauty products for £39… and more super savings via beauty advent calendars

We know it’s getting close to opening advent calendars, but these beauty versions – crammed with cosmetics rather than chocolate – can be a great trick to stock up on £150+ worth of beauty items for under £40. While they’re obviously marketed as calendars, we prefer them as a means of grabbing beauty items you’d buy anyway at a...

EXPIRED – Boots trick: Get £27.50 of Sanctuary Spa products for £10

We’ve uncovered a ‘promo stacking’ trick to get £15 of Sanctuary Spa travel miniatures and a £12.50 gift set for just £10. Boots currently has two promotions on and if you shop right to trigger both of them then you can, hmm, clean up.  MSE update 12pm Fri 6th Jan: We’ve had reports that some of the miniatures on the...