Crochet, canal boats & concave soap – this week's MSE Forum highlights

It's a lean, keen, coral-and-teal machine, and we call it the MSE Forum. Here's this week's bevy of highlights.

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Photo of the week

What have the Crafting board regulars been up to this week, you ask? Forumite Auti posted in the No craft spending thread with this picture of their recently completed crochet blanket. Made something of your own? Don't be shy; join the chat.

Please note: We're big fans of your photos, but if you're uploading one, be sure it doesn't include personally-identifiable information such as your face or address.

Money Moral Dilemma

Every week, the Money Tips email features a real-life Money Moral Dilemma (MMD for short). They're intended to encourage debate and, as such, they're usually among the most discussed threads each week.

My son's friend borrowed his bike and it got stolen - should his parents replace it?

My son cycled to a friend's house and left his bike there - his friend agreed to store it so my son could collect it a few days later. In the meantime, his friend borrowed it to pop into town, left it unlocked outside a shop for five minutes and it was stolen. The bike cost £350 and wasn't covered by my contents insurance. Should I ask the parents of my son's friend to replace it, as he borrowed it without permission and didn't lock it up, or do I replace it as his friend obviously didn't intend for it to be stolen?

See what our MSE Forumites had to say and add your own thoughts on the Money Moral Dilemma discussion thread. Do please stick to the MSE Forum rules: keep it kind and keep it clean. Remember, there's a real person behind every dilemma.

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Latest comping wins

The ever-popular Competitions Time board is where compers come to share and discover opportunities to win prizes. Every day we read of new successes. This week, Blulu won a cordless hedge trimmer set and tinyrabies scored a bundle of Rude Health products, to mention just a couple of examples.

Your two cents

The long-running What are you making for dinner? thread is a hub of inspiration for anyone looking for cheap, tasty meal ideas. Add your own meal to the mix or, even better, share a photo.

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