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  • At MSE we hear users' stories about not having enough money to feed their families in the run up to big events such as Christmas. We think that any time of year is a great opportunity to give back, and with over 1.9 million people given three days emergency food in 2019-20 by one food bank charity, we've got some ideas to help.

    Where can I find food banks to donate to?

    The Trussel Trust is one of the largest food bank organisations - see a map to its locations.

    It might be the largest, but they're not the only food banks - check local authority or council websites and social media pages for local charities to see if they're accepting donations. 

    Places of worship often also run local food banks or help and welcome donations, no matter what faith you are.

    Schools and even supermarkets run food drives, and will explain the type of produce that they'll accept.

    What is best to donate?

    Forumites have asked the same question, and compiled a list of offers for suitable products, such as tinned meat/fruit/veg/soup, tea bags, pasta sauce, pasta and cereals.

    What if I can't afford to donate?

    If you're getting by and want to give, but don't quite have the spare cash, check out our supermarket coupons page to see if you could get suitable items free or at a discount.

    There are coupons and cashback available for food as well as sometimes coupons for essentials like toothpaste.

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