We love a nifty MoneySaving trick, which is why every week in this email we feature loopholes and quirky tips. Once in a while we throw them together, so you've a stash of juicy savers - and now's that time. Enjoy...

1. New. Eat for free - would you dare? A food sharing app links you with others nearby who've surplus grub to give away so it's not wasted, like Freecycle does for unwanted furniture and other items.

2. 'Amazon free delivery trick' tool. This finds the cheapest product to take you over the free delivery threshold. See Free Amazon Delivery Tool. Lois tweeted: "Amazon order £19.98 + £3.99 deliv. Added 25p key = free deliv. Thanks, @MoneySavingExp."

3. Free Experian Credit Score & more. Find out if lenders think you're a credit dream or disaster, & which products you're most likely to get, with the new MSE Credit Club. Mark tweeted: "Love MSE Credit Club - would never have bothered before. Pleased with learnings - thanks."

4. iPhone 7 interest-free deal - far cheaper than contracts. Full info in interest-free iPhone 7. EXTRA TIP: How to beat iOS10 annoyances, eg, unlock iPhone/iPad without pressing the home button.

5. New. Free roaming trick now extended to 42 destinations. See Free roaming trick.

6. Abandon online shopping to bag a code. See How to get abandoned basket discounts, incl 26 chains we hear do it. It worked for Charlie: "Browsed ASOS wedding dresses, then left. The next day I had a surprise email offering 20%, so I got £37 off my dress."

7. Legally buy stolen goods on the cheap. Even the police are in on it. Recent sales include a kid's BMX for £1. We explain all in Cheap Stolen Goods.

8. 500 'free' Clubcard points and go wallet-free at Tesco. Via new way to pay in parts of UK. See Tesco boost.

9. Are you due £432 marriage tax allowance? Don't be one of the 3m+ couples missing out on an easy tax break. Rob emailed: "Got £210 from the taxman as wife transferred marriage allowance to me. Registered online & got rebate in 4 days." See How to claim the marriage tax allowance.

10. Want cheap drugs? Save big on meds. Don't pay for the name, eg, Nurofen can cost 8x more. See how to spot cheaper versions.

11. eBay SELLING trick: 130 keywords to boost your sale prices. Eg, 'authentic' beats 'genuine'. See ALL keywords.

12. eBay BUYING trick: exploit eBay speiling mistaykes to uncover mega-bargains. Typos & erors on eBay are common & mean fewer peeple find those items, so there's less of a bidding war. Use a mistake-spotter, as @buttababes did: "Thanks, got a nearly new NutriBullet for £40. It was spelt Nutrabullet - would be £75 normally."

13. Warning. Beware using PayPal to pay on a credit or debit card. You'll lose valuable protection. Find out why in PayPal Warning.

14. Check if hackers have stolen your info. Find out if your passwords, address, numbers or DOB have been nicked by doing a hack check.

Eat neighbours' food for free + 21 more hacks
Eat neighbours' food for free + 21 more hacks

15. Get free music going back 17yrs. Bought CDs/vinyl from Amazon since 1999? Our Amazon Music Reclaim guide shows how to get 'em as free downloads. You might be surprised, as Richard tweeted: "Thanks, logged into Amazon and found 97 albums (2,030 songs)."

16. Queue-dodging weapon to beat crowds at the gym, restaurants, Ikea, etc. See queue dodge trick.

17. How to mute self-service check outs. Never hear 'unexpected item in bagging area' again, using MSE Jordon's demo.

18. Slash £100s off your Sky bill. In our most recent poll, 88% who tried to haggle with it succeeded. See How to haggle with Sky, and can you beat Jonathan's win? "Thanks for the Sky tips. Hike to £80/mth after promo, called and after a bit of banter, down to £42." If you're a Sky newbie, there's a scorching hot broadband deal from £64/yr below.

19. Grab a free coffee every day. It's the freebie you've bean (sorry) waiting for. Free coffee

20. Can you reclaim £100s if you wear/wore a uniform to work? Find out if you're due a uniform tax rebate.

21. Turn your smartphone into a free sat-nav for 180+ countries. Convert it into a free sat-nav.

22. Free £48/yr for Barclays customers. We'd actually suggest you switch, as Barclays has a low customer service ranking and its accounts aren't market-leading - see Best Bank Accounts for a free £200 and more deals. If you're determined to stick with it, at least bag a free £48 from Barclays.

This article first appeared in the weekly email on 21 September 2016.