Neighbours, nuptials & knitting needles – this week's MSE Forum highlights

The MSE Forum hive mind has been busy posing and answering questions, sharing anecdotes and uploading pictures. Here are a few of this week's highlights.

'Typical' energy use will fall – don't mistake it for significantly cheaper prices

Regulator Ofgem is changing its calculations on how much energy a 'typical' household uses from October. This means the headline annual costs for the new Price Cap from then and other energy tariffs you see in future may look a little cheaper than they are currently. But don't be fooled, prices won't be falling as much as it may seem.

Foodbank donation tips

We've already written about how to use a foodbank in our How to get free (or cheap) food guide, but this blog explores the other side: how to donate to a foodbank in the most effective and MoneySaving way. With more people than ever likely to need a foodbank this year, let's see how we can help.

Wi-Fi, weedkiller & wayward meals – this week's MSE Forum highlights

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Scrap, scaffolding & Spanish food – this week's MSE Forum highlights

Every week, we bring you a small selection of MSE Forum highlights, comprising our favourite tips, questions, images and prize wins.

Distrust, discounts & disinfectant – this week's MSE Forum highlights

In the week that the Bank of England raised the base rate again, we enjoyed another bevy of MSE Forum highlights.